Address Book Visual Guide

This is a visual guide of the easy to use features of our Address Book with its "instant email" system.

Instant Email is what makes our online Address Book different from other services like Facebook, Myspace and LinkedIn. It enables old friends to easily find you by Googling your name and then to instantly email you in seconds - without being registered. WikiWorldBook has "reinvented the telephone book for email" so you can be connected faster.

Examples - short profile and full profile.


  • Free address book page

    Get your own free page in our Address Book.

    With our Address Book you do not need to host, manage and maintain a website – all you do is add your contact information to your own “profile page”. Think of it as your online “calling card” which people can find via Google or Yahoo.

  • Google Search of your name

    Be easily found.

    Friends, family and/or business associates can easily find and contact you within 3 clicks of a Google Search of your name – without them having to register with us.

  • Instant Email button

    Be easily contacted by "instant email".

    Friends simply click the "Email Me" button on your profile page - they don't have to register to email you. This is truely "Instant Email". We have lowered the barriers so you can be found and connected in the shortest possible time. Services like Facebook, Myspace and LinkedIn all require the person contacting you to register with them before they connect you - which raises the barriers between you and your friends.

  • Hide your email address

    Your email address can remain hidden.

    You become easily contactable without revealing your email address.

  • Member information

    Provide as little information as you want.

    You can provide as little visible information as: your name, gender and nationality (See short profile or full profile).

  • Display contact information

    Provide as much information as you want.

    List as much of your contact information as you want, including telephone numbers, email addresses, building address, websites, social media profiles and blogs.

  • Email forwarding service

    Low maintenance.

    We forward your messages to your own email service – so you don’t have to come back to the site to pick them up.

  • Hyperlinked contact details

    Your information is displayed in a ‘click to communicate’ format.

    All your service entries are hyperlinked - so when visitors click them your telephone numbers dial, your website launches and your IM (eg AIM) or VOIP (eg Skype) addresses launch the appropriate service.

  • Privacy controls

    Complete control with Privacy Controls.

    Privacy Controls give you complete control over individual entries. Share your information with people that you choose.

  • Personal and business contact information

    For personal or business use – or both.

    You can list your Personal Contact information and your Business Contact Information - either publically or just so friends can see it.

  • Easy information controls

    Easily managed.

    It’s very easy to change any of your information – whether to add information, temporarily hide existing information or simply delete it.

  • Delete Me button

    You can leave at any time and delete all of your information.

    We understand that it’s your information not ours.

  • Search Engine Optimised page

    Search Engine Optimized.

    Your profile is highly search engine optimized for your name - your name appears in the url address, the page meta tags and the page title.

  • Vanity URL

    Vanity URL address.

    We give your profile page a so-called "Vanity URL" address containing your name (eg /profile-8464-John-Smith) for two reasons, firstly it makes your address instantly recognisable as yours if you care to share it with someone else and secondly this makes you rank higher in the search engine results for your name, which enables you to be found more quickly.

  • Quick registration page

    Quick registration.

    You can register in under a minute. Check out our quick registration page.

  • Search Alert

    Search Alert – Find out when someone has Googled you.

    Do you want to know if people are using Google or the other search engines to check up on you? It could be business associates, potential or current employers, your local government office, or even an ex. Find out more and how it works here - Search Alert.

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