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Feb 19

Taikunedo® World Union Leadership Management: (LINK from TIMAUC-Extern)

Posted by Taikunedo

Taikunedo® World Union Leadership Management:


Mr. Shihan Lee Roy Bruce Taikunedo
Mr. Hanshi Prof. Dr. K.-N. Arndt Taikunedo
Mr. Kyoshi Prof. Dr. Alberto Marchese
Mr. Hanshi Bernd Höhle

Honorary Life President: (retired)

Mr. Meijin-Renshi Prof. em. Dipl oec. Steffen Pohle


Mr. Renshi Ph.D. Frank Langner
Mrs.Renshi Ph.D. Danielza Paula
Mr. Renshi M.D.
Feb 07


Posted by Peter Boasman

Peter Boasman

Living in India is different, particularly if you have a fixed view of how you think the world works! 

For example...driving. As in the U.K. You drive on the left. But that is the only thing that driving in these two countries has in common. Forget normal courtesy about giving way and observing the rules of he road! Although there are rules and regulations on the highway in India...nobody takes

Jan 26

help me

Posted by Katarzina Anna Niwelinska

Katarzina Anna Niwelinska
Hello everyone, my name is anna Katarzina, I was born in katowice April 21, 1984, I'm looking for my sister anna ewa niwelinska, she was born in katowice December 18, 1986, unfortunately it went up for adoption in 1989,
Jan 19

How AES Encryption is Designed and What is Suite B

Posted by Andey Moo

Andey Moo
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Among all cyphers, the AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) standard is still

Jan 10

Money Tree Story

Posted by Annie Tabor St Claire

Annie Tabor St Claire

When I was about 7 years old, I remember my Mother taking my then 10 year old Brother, David, out to the back yard one day and telling him that if he planted his few coins he had in the earth, a money tree would grow and he would have all the money he wanted.  Well, that day, my brother planted those coins and watered them ferverently in the hopes that a tree would appear shortly. 

Since I was

Jan 10

Angel Light or Twilight?

Posted by Pat Matuszak

Pat Matuszak

I created the Angel Light series of YA fiction books under the editorial direction of AMG's wonderful acquiring editor and publisher, Dan Penwell. Well-loved by authors and agents alike, Dan is now with the Lord, missed by all of us who had the blessing of working with him. He asked me to create a series for Christian girls who would enjoy a supernatural adventure in fiction. He had already

Jan 10

Harri Kahlos (Esq.)

Posted by Harry in


Harri Kahlos is Finnish pianist. He studied at Oulu Conservatoire in Finland, under prof. Olga Maslak (Odessa Conservatoire), and at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London (UK), under prof. Peter Bithell and Darla Crispin (Canada). He graduated 1995 with two Diplomas of Distinction (LGSM/ Distinction; LLCM/ Distinction). Mr. Kahlos has participated in masterclasses and got private

Jan 10

Don't Drop Out! Grab A Book!

Posted by Randolph Camp

Randolph Camp

It saddens me whenever I learn of a kid dropping out of school because I know that the chances are high that he or she may trade their schoolbooks for a gun. And gang leaders just love it when their neighborhood has a high percentage of dropouts because it gives them a good supply of non-thinking followers. We must do whatever we can to keep our kids in school and not let them become easy prey

Jan 10

Saving Lives by Helping People Make Positive Changes

Posted by Wandering Ninja

Wandering Ninja

Helping people over the last 25 years through martial arts, personal coaching and hypnosis to change their lives, including their professional lives for the better! 

Dec 11

Watching Someone Die

Posted by Chris Prochownik in

Chris Prochownik

Her last two breaths, strained.  The last four heart beats, slow hesitating, soft, softer and then… nothing.  I remember it like only hours ago.  It’s been five years.  She left me and I couldn’t stop it.  I couldn’t save her.  Her last words haunt me now.  “I can’t take much more of this.”

I have seen others die.  Some close to me, relatives, some friends, some were complete strangers. 

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