Contact Button FAQs

See below for instant answers to your Contact Button questions.

If you can’t find an immediate answer below, please contact us and we will do our best to reply within 24 hours.

For more general questions about our website, see our Site FAQ’s or for an overview of our site see Site Functionality.

Is the Button free?

Yes. Our whole site is completely free.

What is a Contact Button & how does it work?

A Contact Button replaces your email address. You no longer have to write your email address as john smith (at) on your website, blog or forum – or worry about spammers manually recording it and adding it to a spam list.

Simply paste the Button wherever you want to put it and then anyone can send you an email direct to your usual email address - without anyone being able to see your email address.

You can also aggregate your online social identity by including links to your profiles on social websites like Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Twitter and over 150 other sites. You can also include your IM links.

You can therefore customize your Button to contain any or all of the following:-

  • Your Email
  • Your Social Profiles
  • Your Instant Messenger (IM) links

Where can I use the Contact Button?

Your website, your blog, a forum – anywhere that accepts html code.

How do I put the Contact Button onto my blog?

You can install the Button into the sidebar of your blog and/or at the end of each post by following the installation instructions for each blog, which you will find if you click the Button Installation link at the bottom of every page.

How does the Email on the Contact Button Work?

This is really great. We open an email form actually on your own page, so that the visitor doesn’t have to leave your website. Try the Email on the Button on our Home Page (just point your cursor at the Button and the dropdown will appear. Then just click on “Email Me”) – you’ll see how easily it works!

Why do you not have a CAPTCHA on your Button’s email form?

We haven't put a CAPTCHA on the form because it is more user-friendly without one and it isn't yet necessary. We will know extremely quickly if someone has created a spambot specifically for the Contact Button and we can introduce a CAPTCHA within 24 hours that will render it useless.

How do I get a Contact Button?

Simply copy the html code from our site and paste it onto yours. You can get the code by selecting the options on the “Contact Button” page – you can find from the top of every page.

What text can I use on the Button?

Anything you want which doesn’t break the law or our Terms of Use! You can use up to 10 characters on all Button options except the blank Button which can take 15 characters.

Does the Contact Button work on mobile devices?

The Button is designed to work on any mobile device that supports web browsing. The dropdown menu is optimized for browsers that support Javascript, but will also gracefully degrade to work on devices that do not.

The Button can hold Email and Social Profiles – Can I have one without the other?

Yes. No problem.

What are the Social Profiles you refer to?

The Social Profiles are the profiles you create on sites like Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Twitter, Digg and Stumble Upon, to name but a few. The Button enables you to aggregate your online social identity and place it wherever you want. Check out the Button on our Home Page for a working demonstration.

We currently enable you to input your Social Profiles from over 150 different social websites.

You might also want to include your blog home page from Wordpress, Blogger or other sites.

How do I suggest a new social profile website for the Button?

You can suggest a new website for the Button dropdown by submitting it for consideration here.

Can I include my IM & VOIP links?

Of course. You can include your IM & VOIP links, like Skype, Talk and AIM etc, if you want to show people how to contact you easily using these services. These links are configured so they will launch the appropriate service when clicked on.

Can I customize my Button’s dropdown menu?

The dropdown menu has been designed to be as customizable as possible with the links that you want to share, as well as choosing whether to provide people with the ability to email you directly without exposing your email address.

Do I have to register on your website in order to get my Button?

No you don’t. Simply follow the instructions when you create your Button. You can still include email and / or Social Profiles on your Button.

Why should I register?

There are several good reasons:

  • You can store your information like your email address or profiles and when you want to change this information, you can – it will then simply Auto-Update on your Button without you having to create another Button.
  • When we add functionality to our Button in future, like analytics, you will be able to opt in to the new functionality without having to create another Button.
  • You can create an entry in our free online Address Book, which enables people to be found and contacted by old friends within 3 clicks of a Google search of their name – without having to reveal their email address. Uniquely, the person contacting them doesn’t have to be registered and all messages are spam filtered and forwarded on to the person’s usual email address, so they don’t have to come back to the website to retrieve them.
  • You can have Auto-Update and not opt into our free online Address Book.

If you do opt into our online Address Book, you will also get Search Alert, which enables you to see when someone has Googled you.

How long does it take to register?

Less than a minute.

What happens if I use a false or a nickname to register?

We require a real name (see our Terms of Use). If we see an obviously false name on the site, we will delete all of your details and your Button will stop working.

If you are thinking of using a false name, please don’t – either don’t register (you can get the same service, without Auto-Update) or you can simply register and opt out of the Address Book and you will have a non-visible Profile (with Auto-Update). There really is no reason to give a false name.

Can I leave and delete all my information whenever I want?

Yes. Absolutely. Simply sign in and go to “Update Profile” at the top of your Profile page. Then click on the “Delete Me” tab and the “Delete Me” Button. It should take you less than 10 seconds.

Be careful – when its gone, its all gone! We keep no records.

What does Auto-Update do?

This is seriously cool! Once you’ve installed your Button once, you’ll never have to reinstall it, whatever changes you make to the information you want it to display.

When you register, we securely store all your information on our site. If you later sign in and change that information, it will automatically update your Button, whether you change your email address or add /delete your social profiles.

I want Auto-Update but I don’t want to register – Can I do this?

No. Sorry. How else can we store your information?

Where do I update the information for my Button?

You can only update the information for your Button if you are registered and you have already created one.

The information contained on your Button is held on the “Create Button page” (You can see the tab for this at the top of every page).

Simply sign in to our website, go to the “Create Button” page, then add or delete information as required and click the “Update” Button at the bottom of the page. You do not need to re-install the code. Your Button will update automatically on your website with your changes.

Do I have to create a Profile in your free online Address Book?

No you don’t. Simply uncheck the “Create an entry in our online Address Book and be found via Google” option on the “Create Button” Page. You can opt in and out of the Address Book at will.

If you don’t register, you can’t create a Profile in our Address Book (please note that you can be registered and not have a Profile, if that’s what you opt for).

What is a Profile in the Address Book?

Your Profile page is simply a page in the Address Book which contains as little or as much of your contact information as you want it to. You could show a minimum of your name, gender and nationality (for example, see this Short Profile or this Full Profile of John Smith)

You can read more about it on these two pages – Site Functionality and Site FAQ’s.

Can I create a Profile in your Address Book without being registered?

No. Sorry.

Can I register so my Button will Auto-Update with any changes I make to my stored information – but not have a Profile in your Address Book?

Yes. Absolutely. Just uncheck the “Create an entry in our online Address Book and be found via Google” option on the Create Button page.

Can I have a Profile in your Address Book and not have the WWB “Contact Info” link listed on my Button dropdown?

Yes. If you want a Button that does not show “Contact Info” on your dropdown (which links to your WWB Profile page), simply leave the checkbox “Show my WWB profile page on my Button as “Contact Info”” unchecked on the Create Button page, either when you create your Button or at any time afterwards if you are registered (simply sign in and change).

If you are not registered, this is not applicable, as this link will not appear on your Button.

How does the mail delivery system work?

It’s very simple. When someone has sent you a message, it goes via our site to “pick up” your email address before going directly to your usual email account. This makes your email address very secure.

You never have to pick up your email from our website and we do not store it for you unless it’s a message sent to you from your Profile page in our Address Book (you will have needed to be opted in to the Address Book).

Please ensure that you add our site to your safe list with your usual email provider. Otherwise the messages we forward onto you might end up in your normal email provider’s spam folder, which you might not check regularly.

Why would I want to use your Spam Filter?

To filter any spam from your messages.

Only registered users can opt to use the Spam Filter. You have to opt in to the Spam Filter if you want it - as the default is that you are opted out of using it.

You opt in by checking the checkbox which says “Apply Spam Filter” on the “Create Button” page.

Why would I not want to use your Spam Filter?

If you apply the Spam Filter (using the checkbox on the "Create Your Button" page), all your messages will be filtered and any identified as spam will be deleted.

The Spam Filter might slow down your message delivery.

If you do not opt in to using the Spam Filter, all messages will be delivered directly to you.

Can I opt in and out of the Spam Filter whenever I want?

Yes, if you are registered, your Button will auto update with any changes you make to settings or any changes you make to the information you want to be seen on your Button.

What should I do if get spam when I am not using your Spam Filter?

What ever you do, do not reply to it – it will alert them to the fact you do not have a Spam Filter.

If you get more spam than you can cope with, just opt in to the Spam Filter and your Button will Auto-Update (but you will need to be registered – and have created your Button at the same time you registered).

Do you collect e-mail addresses when an email is sent via the Button?

Definitely not. We don’t collect e-mails addresses and, unless required to by law, we never will. For more information, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

The privacy of our Members is our highest priority.

Why does my Button link to a separate page on your site with a duplicate of my dropdown menu?

In short, this link and page is a "failsafe". To counter the rare circumstances that your visitors' browser settings do not enable them to see the dropdown of your Contact Button, the Button is linked to a webpage which replicates your dropdown, so that all your Button's features are still available. This system also allows your Button to operate on sites which don't support a user's own JavaScript like MySpace.

Are you a registered company?

Yes we are. WikiWorldBook Limited was registered as a company in 2007. You can find out more about us on the Our Company page.

How does WWB use the information I give it?

We store it and display what you ask us to according to how you set your Privacy Settings, which give you total control of all your information. We never share your personal information with third parties (unless specifically required to by law - as any business is compelled to do). See our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

How do I change my Privacy Settings?

You can find these easily via the “Update Profile” link at the top of your Profile page when you are signed in. These can obviously only apply to information in your address book Profile (if you have created one).

If you create a Button and opt out of our address book, these will not be applicable.

If you create a Button and do not register, these will not be applicable.

How do you make money?

100% of our revenue is from displaying advertising on our site. We try to do this in an unobtrusive manner as possible.

What do you get out of the Buttons?

We get free advertising for our site. Each Contact Button has very discreet “Get Your Button” and “Powered by WWB” text at the bottom of the dropdown which links back to our site – if any of your visitors wants their own Button.