Contact Button Visual Guide

Your Contact Button is email - without the address!

This is a short visual guide to its easy to use features.

See our easy to follow installation instructions.


  • Contact Button

    Hide your email.

    It's email - without the address. Your Contact Button enables you to hide your email address completely - it's encoded so no spammers can see it.

  • Contact Button with dropdown

    Graceful & Intuitive.

    The Button dropdown smoothly appears when your visitors roll their cursor over it. They simply click the Email Icon labelled "Email Me" to send you a message.

  • Email Form

    Email on your own website.

    Your Button's email form opens on your page - so your visitors stay on your site. Try the demonstration button on our Home Page to see how it works.

    The email from your visitor then goes to our site where it picks up your email address and then goes to your email account. It is only filtered for spam if you have selected that option.

  • Paste your Contact Button anywhere

    Paste your Button anywhere!

    Put the Button on your website, your blog, forum or social profile page- just about anywhere that takes html. See our installation instructions.

  • Aggregate your online identity

    Aggregate your online social identity.

    List your social media profiles so friends can clearly see on which sites to find you. You can have just email, just your social media profiles, just your IM & VOIP addresses - or everything.

  • Social media sites

    Over 150 social media sites supported.

    Let us know if we've missed one!

    The Button's dropdown expands to hold as many profiles as you have.

  • Display IM and VOIP addresses

    Display your IM and /or VOIP addresses.

    Give people a choice of methods of contacting you.

    The dropdown expands to hold as many profiles as you have.

  • No registration required

    No registration required.

    You can still create your Button with your email and /or profiles on it.

  • Register now

    Register and get Auto-Update.

    If you decide to register, your Button simply updates when you make changes to your saved information - so you don't have to re-enter your information and re-install the Button. Now isn't that worth having?!

    Registration is quick and simple - and you can leave at any time. You can also opt in and out of our Global Address Book at will. See Address Book Visual Guide.

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