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Be easily found by old friends

Do you want to be easily found by old friends on the internet?

Then make it easy for old friends to find you! Our free online address book enables you to be found via Google when people are searching for your name. See How »

  • You remain in total control

    Your email address is hidden and you can reply to the messages you want to. See Example Profile »

  • Become freely contactable

    When they message you, your friends don't have to register with us - we make connecting people easy. See Video»

  • No need to retrieve messages from our site

    You don't even have to retrieve messages from our site - we simply forward them to you by email.

  • We are 99.9% spam free

    You shouldn't get any spam thanks to our powerful spam filter!

  • Have you been Googled?

    Our system even tells you that. See our Search Alert »

  • Register it's Free!

What if you are on a few social networking sites already and your profile is showing up in Google's results for your name?

Well - thats fine, but old friends who find you via Google who aren't registered for those same social networking websites might not want to join them just to drop you a message right at that moment.

Other Benefits Include

  • We have a comprehensive set of privacy settings - so you can control what people see.

    You can leave whenever you want and take all of your personal information with you - it takes 10 seconds!
  • Let people see as much or as little of your contact information as you choose. It can be as little as your name, gender and nationality (see short profile) or simply post all your contact information to one easily accessible place (see full profile).
  • If you want the full service, you can provide your home and work contact details, your social networks, places you were at school, your interests and anything about you that you would like people to know - all of these help old friends find you via Google.
  • We have a range of notification settings, so you can set which emails you get from us - your private messages, search alerts, when friends change their email addresses etc.

    You can "friend" other members so only they can see your contact details.