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Zend Framework 2.0 patterns
Posted on 27th juli 2011 by Bart McLeod in Zend Framework. Today I came across a presentation by Matthew Weier O'Phinney on slideshare, that I just do not want to forget about. Because bookmarks tend to disappear when I switch ...
Zend_Tool and Model generation
Posted on 12th juli 2011 by Bart McLeod in Zend Framework. Zend_Tool is a command line tool that helps you setup a Zend Framework MVC application. You can also use it after you have set up your application to add controllers, actions, ...
No more small websites…
Posted on 25th mei 2010 by Bart McLeod in Services · One of my Zend Framework t-shirts hanging outside to dry after washing (I. Today I decided to stop developing small websites. This is necessary, because I can no longer find the time to ...
Do not require_once() a directory!
Posted on 7th juni 2010 by Bart McLeod in Web development · php. If you see the following error messages on the command line in windows, you know you going to be wasting an uncertain amount of time figuring out the right permissions for ...
Enabling syntax highlighting
Posted on 15th juni 2011 by Bart McLeod in Web development |WordPress · blogging, code, php, syntax-colouring, syntax-highlighting. I would like to know what happens if I enter some php code. Does the syntax get highlighted by default in ...
Anthropology Students Win Top Honors
The two top awards for student research in anthropology in Florida have gone to University of South Florida's Rebecca O'Sullivan and James Bart McLeod, both students of USF anthropology professor Lori Collins. ...
[#ZF-4274] Zend_Dojo_Form Checkbox element generates incorrect ...
DijitElement-ZF-4274.patch: 07/Nov/08 3:32 AM: 1 kB: Bart McLeod. Text File ... DijitElement-ZF-4274.patch: 06/Nov/08 2:20 PM: 6 kB: Bart McLeod. Text File · DijitElement-ZF-4274-3.patch: 18/Nov/08 5:23 AM: 0.9 kB: Bart McLeod. Text File ...
First night on the Finca
Anthropology Graduate students Bart McLeod and Jeff Duvernay are with us. Bart has worked in Guatemala three times previously, but this is a new experience for Jeff. The night is beautiful here at the Finca. ...
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