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Big win puts Croft and Cain on top
Billy Hogg and Paul Russell had an easy, if uneventful, win over Barry Firth and Neil Thomas taking the game 5 and 3. Bryn Jones and Tony Corrin strolled to a second 5 and 4 victory over the hapless Darren Robinson and Nigel Whitehouse, who commented: ...
Kneen and Conwell off to a flier
Andy Corcoran and Rob Humphreys-Jones lost 2 and 1 to Billy Hogg and Paul Russell. It was Hogg playing well who made the difference but even he had a problem on the 12th where he ended up truffle hunting in the woodland. Special thanks to Hoggy and ...
Hogg saddlery | Tourdedoubleda
Burns Custom Black Elephant Billy Hogg Team Roping Saddle. Type: Billy Hogg Tree Team Roper Brand: Burns Saddlery Custom Saddles Tree: Billy Hogg … Hogg's Saddle Shop – Conway, Arkansas (AR) | Company Profile ...
Big win puts Croft and Cain on top - Golf - iomtoday
Tim Croft again did the damage playing near-par golf supported by Andy Cain playing sub-par golf. Cain and Croft go the top looking strong favourites already. Billy Hogg and Paul Russell had an easy, if uneventful, win over ...
Billy Hogg Aka Chic Young - virtual west bank
Billy I always enjoy your ramblings on each game and I look forward to your piece on today. I noticed that despite the pressures of a print deadline...
Tournament Day 2011 – Renton Bowling Club
Vice President Frank McCallion presented Billy Hogg with the trophy. This capped off a fine season for Billy, having won the Pairs final that morning and the Vice-Presidents two weeks ago. Posted in Results ...
2011 Pairs Final – Renton Bowling Club
Billy Hogg & George Lunan (s) were taking on Duncan Ballantyne & Billy Murray Jnr (s). In a tight game throughout, the score was 3-3 after 5 ends, with George edging ahead by 9-6 after 12 ends. With an end to play, ...
A Star Saint Is Among Us ! - virtual west bank
Our regular matchday reporter, Billy Hogg (P7), has today learned that a poem he has penned will appear in 'Poetry Rivals' Collection 2009 – The Eart...
Scottish baccalaureate « Best North Face Outlet Jackets Blog
Billy Hogg, owner of B&N Mini Market on Hunterfield Road, said: “The people who live in the house where the man went for help told me that he was banging on their door saying, 'Help me, I have been stabbed'. ...
Falkirk Match Report - virtual west bank
Our match report today has been penned by budding journalist Billy Hogg who I believe is in primary six. I think it's terrific and hopefully th...
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