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Bradley Graham

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Business leaders disappointed carbon plan passed without amendment
The Business Council of Australia's president Graham Bradley wants substantial amendments, including a lower starting price. But a leading climate change consultant who advises large businesses says the Government's scheme is fundamentally sound. ...
Pressure on Stockland over pay
Its chairman, Graham Bradley, said at the annual meeting in Sydney the 89 per cent approval rate was consistent with the previous year's tally and it had the support of proxy agencies CGI Glass Lewis and Institutional Shareholder Services. ...
Big tourney to open newest badminton club
Dubbed the SWAT/Digicel Business Badminton Classic, the event, has attracted top players such as Bradley Graham and Alia Lewis, with both expected to dominate their respective categories. The movement behind the newly-established club is being ...
Stockland chief to be grilled over pay packet
However, chairman Graham Bradley has already moved to defuse the anger with a review, including replacing part of the short-term incentives with securities instead of cash. The company's pay policies came into focus when managing director Matthew ...
Initial carbon price of little consequence in long run
But the Business Council president, Graham Bradley, had a valid point this week when he complained Australia's carbon price, starting at $23 a tonne and ratcheting up, was ''one of the highest costs of carbon anywhere on the planet''. ...
Good call on productivity, Mr Bradley - shame your pay has outpaced your ...
In his final act as chairman of the Business Council of Australia, Graham Bradley has issued a rousing call to arms on national productivity. Besides his exhortations for tax reform, and better infrastructure and regulation, the urbane Bradley has ...
Rudd rejected mining truce
Mr Rudd rejected the offer from the president of the Business Council of Australia, Graham Bradley, which has not previously been disclosed. It was a potential lifeline for a leader under siege from the miners, the opposition and the Right faction of ...
Stockland tweaks executive pay scheme
The changes are part of a company review of its remuneration policies, which Stockland chairman Graham Bradley said would "more closely align our executive remuneration with the interests of securityholders". Stockland said on Wednesday a portion of ...
Interview with Bradley Graham & Lissa Muscatine, Politics & Prose ...
Bradley Graham and Lissa Muscatine, owners of Politics & Prose in Washington, DC, discuss the future of independent bookselling.
On a Grahampage: T-6 Days!
3) "A Letter From The Field" by James Paul Crockett. 4) "Baptisms for the Dead" by Christopher Birkhead. 5) "Out of the Deep I Have Howled Unto Thee" by Scott M. Roberts. ***This one sounds awesome. Posted by Graham Bradley | at 9:00 ...
DBW Insights: Bradley Graham and Lissa Muscatine of Politics ...
In this exclusive interview, Bradley Graham and Lissa Muscatine, the new owners of Politics & Prose in Washington, DC, discuss their decision to purchase the world renowned bookstore and their views on the future of ...
On a Grahampage: T-8 Days! "Crystal."
They're stiffs with wires shooting out of their butts. They go down if you shoot 'em right.” “Yeah,” I said, “but you don't shoot right, Cannon. You just shoot.” “Stuff it, Reverend,” Cannon said. Posted by Graham Bradley | at 9:00 AM ...
On a Grahampage: Job Security
... in heaven. :-). Out of all these, it's hard to guess which one will be the most useful in a Perfect World. I guess we'll just have to wait and see. What about you? What are your job skills? Posted by Graham Bradley | at 8:37 PM ...
On a Grahampage: T-9 Days! "Hall of the Mountain King."
... can detract from it. Just listen, don't watch. I tried to spot XXXXX, but no matter where we went the fog still only gave us about five yards of visibility in any direction, and he was nowhere to be seen. Posted by Graham Bradley | at 9:00 AM ...
On a Grahampage: I've Missed My Calling in life...
People stay awake through this? Light reading. For a land anchor. Winning hearts, conquering nations. The few. The proud. The...frick, what are we again? You would follow this man into battle. Posted by Graham Bradley | at ...
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