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Fast & amp; Furi
ous, if by fur ...
Fast & amp; Furi ous, if by fur ...
The Grimm Boys » Kayce
The Grimm Boys » Kayce
5121939879 6666a61f9e.jpg
5121939879 6666a61f9e.jpg
Wooster Collecti
ve: Conor Harr ...
Wooster Collecti ve: Conor Harr ...
notes • be katelyn
notes • be katelyn
2009- 10 Archive
s |  PAVCS New ...
2009- 10 Archive s | PAVCS New ...
Last Day in Kent
ucky, Off to A ...
Last Day in Kent ucky, Off to A ...
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How Sweet It Is
As an eighth grader, Conor felt it was unbearable to put on a tie and he certainly didn't want to dance. In fact, his feet never touched the dance floor. Conor only recalled a bowl of punch on the table, although admittedly said, ...
i must belong somewhere [part two]
she eventually assessed and conor felt himself deflate, too tired to argue and press his case. he heard gerard assent and press the money into her cracked and old hands. gerard gripped conor's hand in his own while pocketing the key and ...
"the cruiser", a tribute, neal ascherson
... especially the american species. at that level, the two men had something in common. but above all conor felt a generous disgust at the british government's persecution of this helpless man. this was a risk he enjoyed taking. it ...
irishman hugo o'conor, tucson's founding father: part ii
... farming and missionary activities led to the establishment of tubac presidio for their protection in 1752. o'conor felt the location of the presidio was not acceptable and he proceeded to search for a better site for relocation (the ...
conor harrington returns home to cork
we first heard about the artist conor harrington from our friend d*face in london a few years ago. d*face had told us that he felt conor was one of the most talented artists he'd come across in years, and after seeing his work, ...
i must belong somewhere
gerard whispered weakly while pulling away from the younger man. conor felt the cold air settle on skin now burning from absence. “you know that's a lie.” conor answered offering gerard a wry smile. gerard sighed and looked at his watch ...
fic: how conor saved cain (side story for fic “(what)ever after”)
finally, the dark men were far enough away that conor felt he could make his move. he'd have to dive with the man, but if they were very lucky, the ice break maintained by the palace doors was still open, or at least not thickly covered ...
Little Princes: One Man's Promise to Bring Home the Lost Children ...
Any trepidation that Conor felt about not having any experience with children completely dissipated in that moment and over the next few days he actually enjoyed waking up to them, helping them to get ready for school and looked forward ...
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