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Deering Hart Bou
cher Style Dou ...
Deering Hart Bou cher Style Dou ...
Fairbanks Curtis
 Electric 1895 ...
Fairbanks Curtis Electric 1895 ...
March 19-24, 2001 Aurora Gallery
March 19-24, 2001 Aurora Gallery
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41389 1414517344 4851627 n.jpg
David R Robison 
and Extended F ...
David R Robison and Extended F ...
ESA Science & am
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ESA Science & am p; Technology: ...
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VG-EC except needs work (dress frets, glue small neck crack at 5th string peg, replace missing inlay above 18th fret, optionally reset dowel stick to lower action, restring and set up, etc. - sold AS-IS), ~11-5/8" metal clad thin wood ...
My Wedding!!!!
On May 18th I Married My Best Friend in the Salt Lake Temple for Time and ALL Eternity! I love this man... my best friend... my other half. The Wedding of My Dreams!! at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. I can't Live without him! ...
Getting Married May 18, 2007
Now, all I need to do is get married! This is my Fiance, Curtis Fairbanks.....ahh....Fairbanks....I love that last name. This pic was taken at Gallavin Plaza in Salt Lake City. This is one of many places of memories we have.
Eternal Perspective
Eternal Perspective- See past whats in front of you. By. Curtis Lee Fairbanks.
Utah Grizzlies Hockey Game!!
Last Night Curtis and I went to a Grizzlies Hockey game at the E Center, all thanks to my friend Jenn (she gave us the tickets). Even though Utah was loosing big to Idaho and there weren't many people it was so much fun! ...
Fairbanks Sisterly Love
These women are amazing. All of these lovely ladies are Curtis's cousins (and his aunt on the very right). During priesthood session of conference we all watched Pride and Prejudice and ate healthy goodies. I loved spending time with ...
Mmmm.... Cookies
The other day we were walking outside Temple Square and Curtis made fun of me! I didn't like it, but he ADORED the look I gave him. Curtis told me to do it again so he could capture it. grr.... that silly boy. ...
Sunday Mornings...
This is me at the Temple on a Beautiful Sunday Morning with Curtis. It was such a nice day. I can't wait to go to the temple with Curtis in May. Everytime I am near the temple I always have such wonderful feeling of eternity. ...
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