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2 people named F
rancis Janisch ...
2 people named F rancis Janisch ...
Spiced Skirt Ste
ak Recipe -  K ...
Spiced Skirt Ste ak Recipe - K ...
Stuff ] by miss 
emma jude: Sep ...
Stuff ] by miss emma jude: Sep ...
quinoa- francisj
anisch 240x180 ...
quinoa- francisj anisch 240x180 ...
Daisy& #39;s Hol
iday Cooking - ...
Daisy& #39;s Hol iday Cooking - ...
Sweet Ideas for 
a Land o& #39; ...
Sweet Ideas for a Land o& #39; ...
Sweet Ideas for 
a Land o& #39; ...
Sweet Ideas for a Land o& #39; ...
Centsational Gir
l » Blog Arch ...
Centsational Gir l » Blog Arch ...
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francis janisch - francisandco
... just waiting to be hung. the images were taken from 3 little toys belonging to her daughter. if you purchase all three you save $16. to see other work by the professional photographer, francis janisch, visit her online portfolio. ...
It's Officially Flower Time!
... or be even simpler and just put single flowers in small jars, bottles, etc. Just have fun with it! Some inspiration I saw on Country Living… Photo Credit: Eric Roth. Photo Credit: Francis Janisch. Photo Credit: Francis Janisch.
Lemonberry Crafts: Candy Land Party!
photo by: Francis Janisch Balloon Pops Turn basic balloons into freestanding lollipops. Wrap them in cellophane and add a wrapping paper tube stick, then position them around the room. What you'll need ...
christmas gift-wrapping ideas
I hope. Tonight I'm delving into the chocolate – all in the name of research, of course… Enjoy your weekend – see you here next week! {Images: 1. by Francis Janisch for Sweet Paul and 2. by How About Orange, both via Nice Package}
weekend inspiration: studio + fun things
beautiful mother's day bouquet on frolic: (photos: thrush vintage, francis janisch via sweet paul, the selby via ny mag, chelsea fuss) Also loving: lantern lights used creatively, a drawer full of kittens, and Melanie's year of garlands.
The Settee
Photo by Francis Janisch. Unfortunately, I spent so much time debating about the antique settee that it sold (I take too much time to think about my furniture purchases, which is not a good thing when it comes to antiques). ...
fall inspiration: sweet paul mag
but Sweet Paul Magazine launched its new issue today, with lots of inspiration for fall. Recipes, crafts, party ideas, a good article on farming....I'm so there. (images: 1+2 alexandra grablewski , 3+4 francis janisch, 5+6 sabra krock) ...
gorgeous dining rooms: part one
... such a calm color scheme, and a great mix of chairs. it could just be the light, but it appears that the chandelier and picture frames are a champagne color, which is noticeably softer than gold or bronze. photo by francis janisch ...
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