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Leader of Cuyaho ga County refo ...
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Union Resources
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How Cuyahoga Cou nty reform eff ...
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harriet applegat e « Tim Russo ...
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 Ohio Citizen  ...
Alumni news - - Ohio Citizen ...
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Meet our Leaders
Harriet Applegate - Ancestry.
Harriet Applegate - Ancestry.
Harriet Applegate - Ancestry.
Harriet Applegate - Ancestry.
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Harriet Applegate


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Harriet Applegate

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Ohio rallies for union rights, voter rights
"These issues are two sides of the same coin," said Harriet Applegate, executive secretary of the North Shore AFL-CIO "They are both key to the opposition's strategy to severely restrict our rights. By limiting the rights of voters, they can best ...
Ashland firefighter throws first pitch at Cleveland Indians game on Labor Day
Tim Burga, President, Ohio AFL-CIO and Harriet Applegate, Executive Director North Shore CLC, will lead union members around the warning track before the game, and before Mr. Balliett takes the mound as the Indians' ceremonial starter. ...
E-Board Minutes April 9, 2011
The group included WKYC Members as well as the President of the Musicians Union and Harriet Applegate, Head of the North Shore AFL-CIO. Harriet spent an hour-and-a-half walking the line and lending her support. Thanks so much Harriet! ...
Dear Harriet Applegate
You are aware that Massimo's is more wired than a guy trying to quit cigarettes on his fourth pot of coffee? Share on Facebook.
The Burlington County Applegates 1–the scope of the problem
Ella Applegate 13 Fd NJ 5E1B11J2 Cora Applegate 9 Fd NJ 5E1B11J4 Genettie Applegate 8 Fd NJ 5E1B11J5 Christopher Applegate 3 Ms NJ 5E1B11J6 Albert Applegate 6m Ms NJ 5E1B11J7. NJ, Burlington Co., Mansfield Twp. Harriet Applegate 23 F NJ ...
BlueOhioan Interview : Harriet Applegate
Interview with Harriet Applegate, Executive Secretary of the North Shore AFL-CIO.
Harriet Applegate, Executive Secretary, Northcoast Federation of Labor
Recently, several bloggers along with a few non-blogging friends (meet.the.bloggers* interviews are always open to the public) met with Harriet Applegate of the Northcoast Federation of Labor, to discuss unions, solving poverty, ...
harriet applegate, executive secretary of the north shore afl-cio ...
harriet applegate got her start doing public interest work in cincinnati, and was instrumental in the founding of a workers' injury clinic that helped workers get access to unbiased treatment and workers' comp for occupational disease ...
More from WCPN: the dueling reforms
Yesterday on WCPN's Reporter's Roundtable, Dan Moulthrop, the Plain Dealer's John Funk, and I interviewed Harriet Applegate, the local AFL-CIO head, about the dueling county reform plans. Applegate talked about why she's running for a ...
excerpts from our conversation with harriet applegate
that's only about ten percent of the entire conversation. the whole thing's available at the link below. meet the bloggers » harriet applegate, executive secretary, northcoast federation of labor.
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