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Image : Judith Garfinkel
Image : Judith Garfinkel
Decades as Art M
useum docent h ...
Decades as Art M useum docent h ...
1 person named J
udith Garfinke ...
1 person named J udith Garfinke ...
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195274 1027047036 8023221 n.jpg
St. Louis Post D
ispatch -  Cla ...
St. Louis Post D ispatch - Cla ...
Judith Garfinkel
Judith Garfinkel
Judith Furjanic | Facebook
Judith Furjanic | Facebook
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Joyful Endings and New Beginnings: Highlights from TGI's ...
This year's graduation speakers, Amy Mielke and Judith Garfinkel, are two individuals who embody this commitment to living one's passion. Mielke is a mixed media artist, marketing strategist, and recent graduate of the ...
Decades as Art Museum docent helps 81-year-old stay fit | China ...
Judith Garfinkel, who shows no signs of her age as she leads them on a tour of Monet's Water Lilies. She peppers the students with questions as fast as she moves from one painting to another. “Impressionists want you to do ...
PPRA: The Official Blog: Matt Cabrey Welcomed Into PPRA's Hall of ...
2001 Joanne Calabria. 2000 Brian Tierney. 1999 Shelley Picker. 1998 Dr. Jean Bradey. 1997 Larry Rubin. 1996 Judith Garfinkel. 1995 Sharla Feldscher. 1993 Richard A. Doran. 1992 Harry R. Belinger. 1991 J. William Jones ...
Jean Fain, LICSW, MSW: Eating Experts Wish You A Diet ... - Snokey
Ellen Frankel photo by Stuart Garfinkel Judith Matz photo by Mark Chamberlain Jean Fain is a Harvard Medical School-affiliated psychotherapist specializing in eating issues, and the author of “The Self-Compassion Diet.” For more information ...
02/15/2004 - 02/22/2004 - Kathie Nunley's Educator's Newsletter
Judith Garfinkel ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Thanks Judith. I actually got a couple of emails regarding the note in the last newsletter. Read on..... Dear Kathie, I am an elementary arts education teacher specializing ...
Syosset High School | Alumni Pictures (Class Reunion)
Jonathan Porush Joe C Ray Ciappa Judith Garfinkel Mitch Butler Jordan Jordan Tania Mehta Stefan Chasnov David Leitner Holly Miranda Pamela Harrington Barbara Zimmer Maria Botas Kathryn Luciano Patricia Kokkinelis ...
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