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Lizz Wright « T
he Internation ...
Lizz Wright « T he Internation ...
SXSW 32: Mayor& 
#39;s Welcome  ...
SXSW 32: Mayor& #39;s Welcome ...
Creative Consult
ants Wedding a ...
Creative Consult ants Wedding a ...
SXSW 2011 | Out & About
SXSW 2011 | Out & About
borklife: January 2010
borklife: January 2010
SXSW 2011 | Out & About
SXSW 2011 | Out & About
March 2011 | Out & About
March 2011 | Out & About
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Choices of the Hebdomad: June 1
<div style='width: 262px'><img width='252' alt='Kat Edmundson' src='' title='Kat Edmundson' height='167'><p> Qat Edmonson </p> </div> <p> - June 2. ( Tuesday. ...
SXSW 32: Mayor's Welcome at City Hall
One featured musician was Kat Edmundson, who has moved back to Austin and is working on a CD and tour for the fall. She lucked into some top-notch producers and the chance to record at Capitol Records in Los Angeles. ...
Best Little Listenin' Room in Texas
Mostly known as a venue for singer-songwriters the room is popular with everyone from Kinky Freedman to Kat Edmundson. Come on down and spend the night at a local B&B or journey 20 minutes down the road to great locations like Round Top ...
Nippertown's Top 12 Concerts of 2009
Kat Edmundson @ Tanglewood in Lenox, Mass., September 6: The biggest and brightest surprise discovery of the year. This Texas jazz singer reinvented both the jazz and pop songbooks with sublime singing and unexpected arrangements. ...
5 musical picks from sxsw
Kat Edmundson the most unique singing voice i heard @ the festival. beautiful jazzy vocals mixed with a little Bjork. a fantasic band too. 4. Sarah Jarosz another austin local and she was part of the best night i had in austin, ...
Kristen & Paul
Perfect for her body and personality. Wickedly smart, they chose the lovely Kat Edmundson and her band as their music for the evening. Thanks to the talented Casey Woods for second shooting with me for the evening.
Rockslide Music Awards
... Susan Lippe, Katie Holmes, Collings, Wisebird, Berl and Georgia Armstrong, Pat Marshall, Momos, Rich Brotherton, Kat Edmundson, Sasha Ortiz, T-Bird and the Breaks, Nate Rowe, Red Young, Eldrdge Goins, John Allison, Jeremy Nail. ...
Open House at the Parish
During the open house, I wondered for a long time about the identity of the lovely singer onstage. Turns out Corrine had been one of my students at St. Edward's! Absolutely gorgeous, papery, jazz voice. The next Kat Edmundson?
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