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Melinda Haag | Main Justice
Melinda Haag | Main Justice
Obama nominates 
new U.S. attor ...
Obama nominates new U.S. attor ...
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Melinda Haag N ... » Melinda Haag N ...
The Good, the Ba
d, the Ugly: I ...
The Good, the Ba d, the Ugly: I ...
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secutor Haag c ...
IntLawGrrls: Pro secutor Haag c ...
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inda Haag Phot ...
Eric Holder, Mel inda Haag Phot ...
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Melinda Haag

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Environmental Crime Fighter Enjoys Renewed Enforcement Resources
Geis' boss, US Attorney Melinda Haag, has a keen interest in environmental enforcement, as does Haag's boss, Attorney General Eric Holder Jr. So there's more enthusiasm -- and even some more resources -- for these cases than in the past. ...
Sanford Wallace Faces Justice for Facebook Spam
Self-proclaimed “Spam King” Sanford Wallace turned himself in to FBI agents on Friday, according to Melinda Haag, US Attorney for the Northern District of California. According to an indictment against him, Wallace was wanted for sending spam messages ...
Operation Full Court Press
US Attorney Melinda Haag says, "Operation full court press is critically important. An operation that will help bring an end to the illegal marijuana growth sites on public land in California." And they have done just that. Over the past two weeks, ...
U.S. v. DANN
Thomas E. Perez, Assistant Attorney General, Civil Rights Division Melinda Haag, United States Attorney, Barbara J. Valliere, Chief, Appellate Section, and Assistant United States Attorney, Merry Jean Chan, Assistant United States Attorney, ...
Operation Full Court Press winds down this week
The official statistics for the operation provided a Friday's press conference by US Attorney Melinda Haag were 56 grow sites involving 468950 pot plants, 1510 pounds of processed pot, 102 arrests and 32 guns. In addition to the removal of the plants, ...
DMW 100 Financial Index
Wallace surrendered to agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigation Thursday, US Attorney Melinda Haag announced. He was released on a $100000 unsecured bond, pending property posting, and ordered to obey all civil orders including not accessing ...
Former Fremont tech CEO pleads guilty to fraud
Jasper Knabb, ex-chief of Pegasus Wireless Corp., admitted in a San Francisco courtroom Thursday that he fabricated 21 promissory notes and other documents between May 2005 and June 2008, said Melinda Haag, a US attorney with the Department of ...
Melinda Haag (CSBN 122612), United States Attorney, Thomas Moore (ALBN 4305-O78T), Chief, Tax Division, 11th Floor Federal Building, 450 Golden Gate Avenue, Box 36055, San Francisco, California 94102, Telephone: (415) 436-7017, Fax: (415) 436-7009, ...
US Attorney Melinda Haag - Colorado Springs Independent (blog)
US Attorney Melinda Haag Colorado Springs Independent (blog) ... marijuana growing warehouses in Oakland pursuant to licenses issued by the city of Oakland, individuals who elect to operate 'industrial cannabis cultivation and ...
Interview with US Attorney Melinda Haag - The Good, the Bad, the ...
Melinda Haag, Muir '83, places her Blackberry on the table in front of her so as not to miss her husband's phone call—he's dropping off one of their 12-year-old twin sons at her office after soccer practice. Wearing a gray power ...
US Attorney Melinda Haag
US Attorney Melinda Haag. Today, a news release from the Cannabis Therapy Institute brought to light a February memo from the US Department of Justice. It clarifies that regardless of state.
US Attorney Melinda Haag led a news conference at San Pablo City Hall highlighting the results of the two-year investigation, dubbed Operation Red Reach, that seized an estimated $7.1 million in crystal methamphetamine and dealt a blow ...
Kennedy Asked To Take Judicial Notice Of Grand Jury Request
fact he has asked United States Attorney Melinda Haag to submit his evidence of. violations of Title 18 of the United States Code by the Hon. Alex Kozinski, William. Canby, Edward Leavy and Garr King to the Federal Grand Jury pursuant ...
Melinda Haag Confirmed As U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of ...
"I am so pleased that the Senate unanimously confirmed Melinda Haag to become the top federal prosecutor in San Francisco," Boxer said in the statement. "She has more than two decades of experience handling white ...
President Obama Nominates Melinda Haag for US Attorney for Coastal ...
President Obama nominated Melinda Haag, a San Francisco attorney and former federal prosecutor, on Thursday to become US attorney for coastal Northern California. If the Senate confirms her appointment, Haag would become the first woman ...
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