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Nancy Groh

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Digital Citizenship and Online Safety (a session facilitated by ...
The idea is that educators develop “an online repository of material schools can use and adapt to promote a student-centred approach to digital citizenship and cyber safety” (Nancy Groh). Nancy opened by asking everyone ...
Hunting satisfies desire to eat local | The Post and Courier ...
Nancy Groh. I've always been enthusiastic about eating locally. I was a "locavore" long before the term was coined. As a little kid I grew corn and vegetables in the backyard, much to the horror of my mother, who'd grown up ...
Students support NetSafe | NetSafe Blog
17 December 2010 | By Nancy Groh Categories: Education |. NetSafe would like to congratulate the members of the Precious Charms Company for their valued support. The Precious Charms Company is made up of Aorere College students who ...
NetSafeTV: 9 – 15 May – 1st Worldwide Cybersecurity Summit, Law ...
In our second weekly video wrap-up, Martin discusses the first Worldwide Cybersecurity Summit and Nancy Groh reviews her visit to the Early Childhood Council's Annual Conference.
Minutes: April Spotlight | NetSafe Blog
... (Vector Communications), Judge Harvey, Jordan Carter (InternetNZ), Georgina Wilkinson (SAFE), Ann Hatherly (CORE-Ed) Sean Lyons, Martin Cocker, Caroline McNeill, Nancy Groh, John Fenaughty, Chris Hails (NetSafe). ...
Tom Hanks movies: Angels
... Giddings,Alan Gray,Roger Groh,Nancy Guerriero,Andrew Hamilton,Andy Scott Harris,Martin William Harris,Charlie Heydt,Kei Hirayama,Brett Hunt,Marco Infante,Christopher Karl Johnson,Dave Johnson,Andrea Kelley,Michael ... Community Events Calendar
Delivery will be on May 31. You donations will help local families in the Old Washington/East Guernsey Local School District area. For more details, call Peggy Hayden at 740-260-9519 or Nancy Groh at 740-439-5324. Directions: ...
ICT in English NZ: ICTS in English Weekly Update - Week 5, Term 3 2010
Nancy Groh from Netsafe directed us to some of their cyberbullying resources. Teachers might also want to add the following NetSafe links to their classroom and PD resources. Lower Primary: ...
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