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Steven Ting - Laity Ministry-
Steven Ting - Laity Ministry-
charissa explain
s it all: apri ...
charissa explain s it all: apri ...
Reunion Photos July 2011
Reunion Photos July 2011
pam& #39;s trapp
ed into 3l9/-  ...
pam& #39;s trapp ed into 3l9/- ...
Reunion Photos July 2011
Reunion Photos July 2011
bernard ho k h - HOLEE
bernard ho k h - HOLEE
charissa explain
s it all: May  ...
charissa explain s it all: May ...
searching 4 my d
irection in li ...
searching 4 my d irection in li ...
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the power of God is real!
then even after we leave elim church i was still feeling very glad i went..haha...cuz during Pam's Seaward's talk..i discovered sum of my weakness or rather had the courage to face sum of my weaknesses and deal wif ...
I love Pam Seaward, Jess and my babies - Blogspot
Saturday, June 11, 2005. I love Pam Seaward, Jess and my babies!!! posted by Sharlot @ 12:52 PM. 0 Comments: Post a Comment ยท << Home. Powered by TagBoard Message Board. Name URL or Email Messages(smilies) ...
school & church
i closed my eyes and i saw brautiful love. yes my heart filled with hatred of her and i saw love instead. rev.pam seaward asked forgiving and i closed my eyes again, i saw her. i thought i can't bring myself to forgive her, ...
april quotes
pam seaward 2) "while you live, love. while you breathe, sing. while you walk, dance. while you work, shine. while you see, dream." "live happy" 3) "some days are hopscotch kind of days; some days are getting-nailed-at-dodgeball kind of ...
Im Back from Church Camp at Cameron Highlands Equatorial Hotel
Pam Seaward was, one of her friend which was also a Pastor, that went for a Christian rock concert and while the band was performing, her friend saw demons dancing and laughing at the Christian band. Just imagine even at a Christian ...
dare you to move..
the lyrics of the song, especially the chorus, totally ties in with wat pam seaward said.. i have a choice.. to pick myself up and move on no matter what happened in the past or i can choose to stay down! n when i feel worthless n like ...
my 'grand' send off.. haha...
but of course got nice stuff too.. about how this man never bathe, shave, cut nails and all... begging on the streets and pam seaward cleaned him, and tears juz began rolling down his eyes... i'd really love to show love to someone out ...
Pam Seaward with her parents, Rev. Dr Fred Seaward and Rev. Margaret Seaward. When the took the microphone, there were such strong anointing of GOD. Their style of preaching are the same, they use a lot of testimonies, ...
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