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How datable is R
achel Forrest? ...
How datable is R achel Forrest? ...
WSCA 106.FM Port
smouth, NH Com ...
WSCA 106.FM Port smouth, NH Com ...
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Memorial main
931st Air Refuel
ing Group -  M ...
931st Air Refuel ing Group - M ...
Rachel Forrest -
  Portsmouth,  ...
Rachel Forrest - Portsmouth, ...
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Rachel Forrest


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Rachel Forrest


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Rachel Forrest

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Dogfish Head Beer and the Portsmouth Brewery create 'gruit'
Deb Cram photoDeb Cram/ By Rachel Forrest It's a Wednesday morning at the Portsmouth Brewery, yet another brew day for Head Brewer Tod Mott and Assistant Brewer Tyler Jones, but today, there are a few things going on that make ...
Frozen fun: Are popsicles the new cupcake?
By Rachel Forrest It was only about six months ago that food journalists, bloggers and even NPR were shouting into the online and radio airwaves — Pie is the New Cupcake! Sweet pies, savory pies, mini pies! It's the new treat on the block! ...
By Rachel Forrest The "farm-to-table" concept has been around for eons but now, in a decade when everything old becomes new, food connoisseurs have added the word "movement," making it a group trend that we all hope is (back) here to stay. ...
Those attending were Mike and Linda Carlson; Tucker Brunner; Nolan and Melissa Brunner, Leah and Noah of Herington; Roger Peterson; Rolland Peterson; Clint and Diana Jost; Lee Shade; and James Jost and friend Rachel. Forrest and Marie Anderson were ...
Hawke's Bay team to build houses in Nepal
The other EIT staff on the team are Sally Woods, Roger Maaka, Stewart Skeet, Rachel Forrest, Janet Turvey and Barbara Stokes and there is also a student, Kristian Day. EIT is also putting its weight behind the exercise in providing sponsorship for the ...
Rachel Forrest's hot hangs in the summertime |
Everyone has their own special spots to hang out in for fun, food and drink, but that often changes depending on the season, especially in summer when all the seafood shacks and lobster spots open up so we can gaze out at ...
Rachel Forrest has the Valentine's Day blues |
Do I have to? Do I have to write about Valentine's Day food ideas or dining out ideas or aphrodisiac foods? Can't I just be jaded and "over" all this nonsense like some of my other single friends are?
Roundtable Pictures: Rachel Forrest's 'Wine Me, Dine Me'
We have a great friend who writes about food in the most eloquent way. Please read Rachel Forrest's "Wine Me, Dine Me" blog, and you'll be glad you did. She has a beautiful style and is a lovely person, too. ...
Rachel Forrest's first cookbook, 'I was thrilled'
The offer to work on "Maine Classics: More than 150 Delicious Recipes from Down East," the second cookbook by Arrows chefs Mark Gaier and Clark Frasier, and her first, came out of the blue, says Rachel Forrest, the food writer for ...
Rachel Forrest's hot hangs in the summertime -
Think Stock Photos Rachel Forrest doesn't know who these people are, but hopes to have this much fun this summer! Everyone has their own special spots to.
Dining Out: Rachel Forrest takes a vacation |
She didn't want to do it, but Rachel Forrest took a week's vacation. Never fear, she still ate while she was away.
Rachel Forrest » Cooking up a Book
After almost two years, Maine Classics, the cookbook I wrote with Chefs Mark Gaier and Clark Frasier is here! We'll be doing a bunch of appearances including at RiverRun Bookstore on May 29, a dinner at Cava Tapas and Wine Bar on May ...
Rachel Forrest's annual cookbook gift list |
The pile of awesome cookbooks has been steadily growing on my desk, along with random shipments of beer and vodka, Panko bread crumbs and a certificate to try out Wendy's new hand-cut sea salted fries.
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