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tuesday, january 30: trial day 2, afternoon
scot ellison then returned to the stand, after having looked over the transcript from his statement to detective kendra smith. he said that though he did not say in the statement yonts was headed for his passenger side, that he had been ...
Conway's Life: Work in Progress: The Last Few Years of Life News
Before the Caterpillar appeared on the scene, Karel Suhajda, Scot Ellison, David Eppstein, Paul Chapman, and others collaborated on the project of completing Jason Summers' sub-1000 gun collection [download link] -- an ...
new period 7 oscillators
new p7 oscillators by ellison scot ellison has found some new billiard-table type period 7 oscillators. 560p7.
Game of Life News: New Period 4 Oscillator Variants
Scot Ellison has found a terminal element for a previously known extensible or wick oscillator. The objects in the top line were previously known, while the remaining oscillators use this new variation. ...
Game of Life News: Various New Oscillators
2006-01-30. Various New Oscillators. P7 Sparker Scot Ellison has found a new Period 7 Sparker. P4 &quotSuper-Fountains" Nicolay Beluchenko found a much smaller Period 4 super-fountain style oscillator, and then managed to shrink it ...
Game of Life News: Object Miscellany
2005-12-11-P7-osc.rle Scot Ellison has found a set of Period 7 Oscillators, one as small as having a population of 38 Bits, which have some isolated sparks in one of their phases. ...
Game of Life News: New P7 sparker
Toward the end of October, Scot Ellison published a new oscillator with a weak P7 spark: Though no uses have been found for this particular pattern as yet, oscillators that can delete gliders can sometimes be useful for ...
Tractorotica - I feel dirty
And not in a good way. I've just repeatedly effectively praised the Labour Government of 1945, the most left-wing government this country has ever had by a country mile. And why? 'Cause Scot Ellison makes my brain bleed. ...
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