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Les dangers d'une jurisprudence Wade en 2012
des experts tel Guy Carcassonne, Professeur de Droit à l'Université Paris-Ouest Nanterre la Défense, Agrégé des Facultés de Droit), des avocats tel Me Ndiaga SY, rejettent dans leur analyse un 3e mandat pour le président Wade au vu de la loi ...
Guy Tel-Zur's Blog: A first trial with DotCloud
6.3 There are still many open questions about how mature is this solution for real heavy, scalable and secured web services. 6.4 It will be interesting to follow dotcloud and see how they evolve. Posted by Guy Tel-Zur at 10:16 ...
Guy Tel-Zur's Blog: The Chernobyl accident of Cloud Computing
When introducing Cloud Computing (CC) people usually like to emphasize the similarities between Electric Power Grids (EPG) and CC. These analogies include: On demand service, Pay-Per-Use (PPU) model, the Elasticity of ...
the end of grid computing?
in the year 2003 the mit technology review ranked "grid computing" among the 10 emerging technologies that will change the world [1]. we are now four years later and something is not going well with "grid computing". ...
GPU & Parallel Computing Workshop
Dr. Guy Tel Zur, Ben Gurion University and GRID. 17:00-17:20. Compute API – past & future. Ofer Rozenberg, Intel. 17:20-17:50. End of Moore's law or end of General Purpose Computing? Dr. Avi Mendelson, MSFT. 17:50-18:00 ...
CBSA: Cloud-based Services and Applications
Guy Tel-Zur, Israeli Association of Grid Technologies, * Ewa Deelman, USC Information Sciences Institute, USA, * Jeremy Cohen, Imperial College, UK, * Terry Harmer, Belfast e-Science (BeSC), UK, * Daniel S. Katz, University of Chicago, ...
The next IGT HPC Work Group meeting
Dr. Guy Tel-Zur, IGT – Challenges in teaching Parallel Computing. We are now in the Multi-Core era; however there are not enough graduates from Computer Science and Computer Engineering departments who luck an elementary knowledge in ...
IGT HPC Work Group Meeting
Speaker: Dr. Guy Tel-Zur – IGT Chairman. Abstract. The SC, Super Computing, conference is the World's leading event in High-End Computing. The talk will cover Super Computing 2010 that will take place this November in New Orleans. ...
my first test with the il-bgu egee site
your proxy is valid until wed may 23 05:27:43 2007 [telzur@cs-grid4 tests]$ voms-proxy-info subject : /c=il/o=iucc/ou=bgu/cn=guy tel-zur/cn=proxy issuer : /c=il/o=iucc/ou=bgu/cn=guy tel-zur identity : /c=il/o=iucc/ou=bgu/cn=guy tel-zur ...
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