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Tiffany Yates Ph
otography ~ Ou ...
Tiffany Yates Ph otography ~ Ou ...
4- H Foundation 
Board Member : ...
4- H Foundation Board Member : ...
Badgerdog Litera
ry Publishing  ...
Badgerdog Litera ry Publishing ...
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Awww Sweet normal.jpg
Tiffany Yates | LinkedIn
Tiffany Yates | LinkedIn
Tiffany Yates | LinkedIn
Tiffany Yates | LinkedIn
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Family2 normal.bmp
Tiffany Yates (T
ee- Fah- Knee) ...
Tiffany Yates (T ee- Fah- Knee) ...
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Tiffany Yates


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Tiffany Yates

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Zoo master plan moving along
The current effort is led by facilitators Tiffany Yates, president of development consulting service StrengthsNET, Inc., and Dalitso Sulamoyo, president of the Illinois Association of Community Action Agencies. The two were selected by the Springfield ...
Friends And Family Display Art At the Workhouse Arts Center
Chinese painter His Mei Yates, showcased her landscape “Dragon Trails,” alongside the sculpture “Dragon,” created by her daughter, Tiffany Yates. “We wanted to put a team together,” said His Mei, who just got back from Taiwan and was inspired by the ...
Rodarte's Zoetrope Horror Story
SPREE | Posted By Tiffany Yates | 09.22.2011 | 09:08 AM. The fashion house Rodarte continues to inspire us with their unique collaborations, from designing costumes for the award winning Oscar movie Black Swan, to the house of horrors, ...
Angelina Jolie Cuffed to Her Louis
SPREE | Posted By Tiffany Yates | 09.15.2011 | 09:27 AM. Everyone knows Angelina Jolie is attached…but not like this. The mother of six showed up to the Moneyball movie premiere handcuffed…not to Brad but to Louis! The face of Louis ...
SPREE | Posted By Tiffany Yates | 09.08.2011 | 02:18 PM. Add powdery vanilla, warm musk, and rich creamy caramel and what do you get? Not a sweet treat but the new fragrance by Prada. Prada Candy is a bit out of character for the Italian ...
Sip and Shop with Irene Neuwirth at Ylang 23
SHOP | Posted By Tiffany Yates | 09.01.2011 | 09:14 PM. Los Angeles based jewelry maker Irene Neuwirth creates baubles and bling, fit for a princess, and with a CFDA nomination, and celebrities such as: Reese Witherspoon, Sheryl Crow, ...
SPREE | Posted By Tiffany Yates | 08.27.2011 | 09:06 AM. The luxury fashion house Chanel is feeling a bit blue. But don't fear fashionistas, its only because of their new nail polish, “Les Jeans de Chanel”. You don't have to be fluent in French ...
Tiffany Yates Photography ~ Outdoor Portrait Photographer: Brevard ...
Lauren is not only gorgeous, she's also extremely talented, with a fun personality and a huge heart! I had a wonderful time working with you Lauren... I hope you enjoy your sneak peek! Posted by Tiffany Yates at 12:39 AM ...
Fiat Hits the Road With Gucci!
STYLE | Posted By Tiffany Yates | 08.18.2011 | 03:38 PM. Fasten your seat belt, on September 8th Fiat is unveiling a smooth ride during New York Fashion Week. Gucci's Creative Director Frida Giannini and Fiat's Centro Stile have teamed up ...
Christian Louboutin Sneaker Style
SPREE | Posted By Tiffany Yates | 08.11.2011 | 10:03 AM. Christian Louboutin is known for his height-defining heels, must-have styles, and of course those infamous red soles. But what Louboutin hasn't been known for is sneaker style. ...
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