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Victor Wachter Column at MMORPG.
Victor Wachter Column at MMORPG.
Community Manage
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Community Manage rs: Where We C ...
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Hawke is Danial Faraday. (Drag ...
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BioWare& #39;s O fficial Dragon ...
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Victor Wachter -
  San Francisc ...
Victor Wachter - San Francisc ...
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Outspark Appoints Victor Wachter as Director of Community | Engage ...
Outspark announced last week that it had appointed Victor Wachter as Director of Community. Wachter comes from Cryptic Studios, where he managed.
General: Victor Wachter: The Failed Game columnist Victor Wachter writes this look at failed games in our industry, why it happens and whether or not games can return from the brink of disaster.
General: Victor Wachter: Licensed MMOs
It's tempting to play with someone else's intellectual property. This week, Victor Wachter examines this trend in MMOs.
Cryptic Introduces Champions Online Team Member Victor Wachter
Cryptic's latest Champions Online Meet the Team Feature introduces gamers to Victor Wachter. As the Community Relations Manager for Champions Online, Wachter is guy who gets to plan all the events and release new assets to the forums. ...
champions online: meet victor wachter
the latest candidate in the champions online "meet the team" sweepstakes is community relations manager, victor wachter. find out all that's fit to print about victor by clicking below.
BioWare Introduces Victor Wachter As New Community Facilitator ...
Chris Priestly, BioWare's Community Coordinator, formally introduced Victor Wachter as new Community Facilitor. His job will be to act as an intermediary between the community, the dev team and the volunteer moderators over at the ...
Victor Wachter heads to Outspark
Online casual games portal Outspark has announced that Victor Wachter has joined the firm as director of community, a role that will see him responsible the for online experience enjoyed by the site's 3.3 million-strong user base.
General: Victor Wachter: A Decade in Review columnist Victor Wachter writes this two part look back at a decade of MMORPGs from 2000 to 2010.
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