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The Inklings: Perelandra
In this second volume of C.S.Lewis' acclaimed Cosmic Trilogy, Ransom is called to the beautiful paradise planet of Perelandra, or Venus, which is in grave peril from his old adversary Dr.Weston. Ransom encounters ...
Memphish is LOST
Perelandra picks up after Ransom, Weston and Devine return to Earth from Malacandra, or as we call it, Mars. Interestingly, Lewis himself is a character in the book. He participates in sending Ransom at the behest of the Mars chief ... At this point in the story, Ransom realizes he has been brought to Perelandra to prevent the Venutian Eve from falling prey to the temptation of the Devil-possessed Weston. Ransom finds that he must step in the void left by ...
Paul Frank Boys 2-7 Pajama Set With 3-D - Mens Designer Clothes
In his battle with Professor Weston, Ransom goes under the world in a struggle that has some parallels to Dante's Inferno. In Book 3 an exploitative agency N.I.C.E. threatens to ruin humanity, with the support of evil spirits ...
Believe and Profess: Serpent in the garden
Weston, Ransom's kidnapper from book one, arrives in his spacecraft and it becomes clear that he was merely used as a vehicle for the Bent One of Earth to enter and corrupt the innocent children Venus. ...
Alex Cull: CS Lewis: Out of the Silent Planet
Abducted by his old school acquaintance Devine and the sinister Weston, Ransom is taken across the gulf of space to Malacandra, where the others have established a base, consisting of a rudimentary hut. Why are they doing this? ...
Beholding and Becoming: FACE TO FACE WITH EVIL
Then shortly a spaceship lands bearing Weston, Ransom's antagonist from the first book. Quickly it becomes clear that he and Weston will do combat for the Lady's future and for the future of all her children (she and the ...
Assistant Village Idiot: The Silent Planet, not The Warming Planet
(Fans of the Narnia books will recognize this plot device: Uncle Andrew's encounter with the talking animals in The Magician's Nephew is a recycled Weston.) Ransom, translating Weston's rhetoric into plain language for the ...
Perelandra by C. S. Lewis « headed for alien territory
They fight across the planet, ending up in a cave where Ransom chokes the ex-Weston. Ransom climbs out of the cave which turns out to be inside a volcano, more or less, and is followed by ex-Weston, who's not quite dead ...
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