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Nikeisha Andersson, born and raised in Stockholm Sweden. Started her career in modeling for "Stockholmsgruppen" when she was only 6 years old, indeed she wanted to become an actress thus she quit modeling and by the age twelve and started auditioning for different roles. In 2008 she met the director Alexi Carpentieri and since then they have been working together on different projects. They have now finished their short movies "Trion från Dystopin", Bärstjälkens Askum". They are now working on "Black Mata Hari", an "unclear" short film (indeed they are designing costumes for the short film they are working very hard on), a movie named "Spader Dam" (Spades Queen - English) – Nikeisha has a leading – role in the movie and is also co-writing with another Director, Nikeisha is also working with dimalimproduction on an art movie where she plays a glamorous vampire, two photo shoots, Alexi recently starred in a Turkish commercial, Nikeisha and Alexi are together directing the "new" artist Engla's music video (for her song "Du är så full när du är full")... Despite their low ages and their background you will be surprised when you see the professional work they've done and ARE doing. Nikeisha and Alexi are two outstanding screenplay writers/actress and they always have fresh ideas to come with. They have impressive résumés which makes you believe that they have been in this industry for decades. Alexi was also born and raised in Stockholm. His passion of filmmaking started in his early age and he have been writing and making films so long as he can remember. Alexi have made a remarkable TV commercial which he successful sold to JC (Jeans and Clothes) A pleasure to work with you guys. Indeed, Nikeisha and Alexi are in intensively hard work for Nikeisha's Hollywood audition. If you wish to contact them concerning music videos, short films, filming for weddings or whatever, please use one of the e-mail addresses bellow. I'm sure they will reply you as soon as possible. or

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