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About Me

Marcel Duvoix is a monarch and self proclaimed king, having proclaimed his new found Kingdom of Marceligue, since May of 2006.  His Royal Majesty King Marcel, is also a published author, of four books: Holy Legacy, Holy Continuum, Versalicious, and Wordition; which are religious books, that have firmly established the King's pagan mystical religion of Legacism.  Soon to be released works, are: The Triat, and The Acuat.   The King's time is spent in writing up-coming books, keeping in contact with friends and supporters worldwide, and making himself available for: speaking engagements, guest appearances, and other professional engagements. Since ascending to the Marceliguenne royal throne in 2006, King Marcel, has solidly taken the Royal House of Marceligue and its member royals and nobility, under his control, and has guided them to greater stability.  He currently pursues his publishing career as an author and poet.   As the current global head of the Legacitic Orthodox Church, in his capacity as the church's Grand Patriarch, he guides and provides advice, to those of his religious followers.  In his spare time, he also speaks on other important issues of global concern to him, as well as involving his time fulfilling his political and royal obligations.        The King is largely self educated, and continues to improve his scope and breadth, of critical issues, that demands his professional attention. He places a high value and respect on a formal education, and encourages all to aspire to the highest level of their fullest potential.  The king continues to lead and exercise his royal prerogatives and powers, by gentle humility and grace, and to help others to bring out the best within themselves educationally and professionally.    The king has many interests, and particularly so, jewelry of all kinds, and unique adornment pieces that are hard to find.  He also has an interest in fashion, and evolving modern culture, and make-up.  Of certain interest to him also, is also those that are of the: Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgendered, Hijra, Androgyne, Intersexual community; and other similarly identified peoples.  Heterosexuals, are also wholly inclusive of the king's concerns, as any of his outreach works in any communities of peoples, would not be complete; without all involved.  He continues to build bridges of an interconnected network of all types of professionals, inter-religious, political and otherwise, and speaks on a broad range of topics.

Life Philosophy

My life philosophy is to live my life's purpose, and to also guide others in also realizing theirs.

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