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In 2001, my kids and I were victimized during a brutal home invasion and attacked by two men. To save myself and my children, I fought off the attack, grabbed guns from our safe, and shot one of the intruders (a troubled 20-year-old, Dustin Wehde). A decade later Ben Smith, a new county attorney and friend of my ex-husband, took office and charged me with 1st Degree Murder. The prosecution had a former friend of mine as a witness, saying that I told her about a secret notebook that was found in the dead intruder’s car that the police never revealed to the public. Ben Smith’s case is based on the new testimony of his personal friend, client, and star witness, Mary Higgins. Mary had helped Ben get elected and rumor has it that Ben was dating her daughter. The two claim to have an epiphany while he was having dinner in her home and he was discussing the case with her. He claims that she told him that I told her about a “pink notebook” back in 2002. However, when Mary was interviewed shortly after this epiphany, she never mentions the color of the notebook and claims that it was filled with pornography, which is not in the notebook that Ben Smith used to convict me. Mary has been interviewed numerous times since 2001 (including a full interview just two months after she says I told her about the notebook) and never mentions a notebook until 2009 in her kitchen. Robyn Padgett testified that she told Mary Higgins about another notebook that she found with Mona Wehde (mother of the first intruder) in Dustin’s bedroom. There was even a third notebook found in a suitcase packed full of clothes in Dustin Wehde’s car; this notebook has since disappeared from the prosecution’s file. With three different notebooks, there was bound to be confusion. In addition to many conflicting statements in Mary’s interviews, one particular interview gives us a glimpse into the way her testimony is fabricated (see document here)While being taped, Mary Higgins asks “What is this?” Ben Smith answers that “this is your testimony for her trial.” Sheriff McClure, who is also attending, recommends that they go off tape and they leave the room to discuss the testimony for 8 minutes. We believe they handed her a prepared testimony for my trial before charges had even been filed. During the discovery process, we learned from the previous county attorney, Earl Hardisty, that certain exculpatory evidence had not been disclosed to my defense counsel. When this came to the attention of Ben Smith, he threatened Earl Hardisty to intimidate him (affidavit attached at the end of motion for sanctions). Ben Smith denied that the evidence existed until several witnesses verified that the evidence had been collected and was in the file when Ben Smith took office. All the state witnesses were prepared by Ben Smith and Trent Vileta (a detective with the Department of Criminal Investigation or DCI). These witnesses now remember things in detail that were never written into their reports or interviews around the time of the attack. Sloppy and Biased Detective Work Sac County law enforcement admits that the crime scene was significantly contaminated prior to the arrival of DCI investigators, by as many as a dozen policemen and EMTs. There was also a bloody footprint that was assumed to be one of the first responders, but it was never matched to their shoes. That could be the footprint of the second intruder. DCI spent only a couple of hours processing the 4,000 square foot home (in part because they believed it to be a self-defense shooting). They turned the home over to my ex-husband less than 20 hours after the attack and he is able to find a shell casing that they had missed. Several of the bullets are never recovered. Shortly after the attack, Dustin Wehde’s mother, Mona Wehde, called the police and gave several interviews in which she believes her ex-lover, Jeremy Collins, could be the second intruder. While still married, she had been in an affair with this man. Just days after the attack, Collins broke up with her. He had bragged about being a hit-man for hire, he fit the description, and he was the last person to call the Wehde home prior to the attack even though he knew Mona wasn’t home. His hotel phone number was found on a post-it note in Dustin’s room in Dustin’s hand-writing. Collins was a no-call no-show at his work two days before the attack, but hadn’t told his wife that he quit. On the same day, he was able to use $11,000 to pay off his truck, but his wife says they didn’t have that kind of money (his bank statements were “lost” by Ben Smith). In his alibi, he claimed to be home with his family that night, but his wife testified that he never came home that night. Neighbors reported seeing a truck matching his truck’s description adjacent to my home at the time of the attack. Collins knew both Dustin Wehde and my ex-husband, who was conspicuously out of town and also had $2 million in life insurance on me at the time. With this information, nobody from law enforcement even looked into Jeremy Collins until 2005 and nobody interviewed him until 2009. The DCI never obtained a search warrant for Jeremy Collins or Dustin Wehde’s residences or computers. The Pink Notebook wasn’t fingerprinted until 2009 when it was found to have 13 readable fingerprints. Ten were Dustin’s, none were mine, but Jeremy Collins’ and my ex-husband Michael Roberts’s fingerprints were never compared to the unknown prints. In addition, the former county attorney Earl Hardisty made multiple requests to have DCI put Jeremy Collins in a photo line-up for me to see if I could identify him as the second intruder and they refused. Trent Vileta wrote in an email to Sheriff McClure in 2010 that he was “having a very hard time appearing to be neutral.” Trent Vileta misled Mona Wehde and changed the tone of her testimony by telling her that Michael Roberts had been cleared of any wrong-doing in the death of Dustin Wehde. However, in fact there is no record in the discovery of any interviews with Roberts after his failed polygraph in 2002. He was found to be deceptive with 99% certainty when he gave the following responses: • Did you arrange for Dustin Wehde to be in your house December 13th? No. • Did you plan in advance for Dustin to be in your home December 13th? No. • Do you know the identity of the 2nd intruder in your home on Dec. 13th? No. Facts and Finish The state’s forensic experts testified that I fired my first five shots from a low, defensive position in the corner of the bedroom, striking Dustin in the pelvis and forearm and that these were all non-fatal wounds. This matches my interviews and memories of the attack and my story has been consistent over the course of the 10 years. Again, their own forensics report shows that the final shots had to be fired while Dustin’s head was off the floor, matching my accounts that he was trying to get up when I fired the last shots. Please help me. My family was victimized 11 years ago and now it is happening again. Ben Smith also helped hide my ex-husband Michael Roberts so we couldn’t serve him to testify at trial. Ben helped Roberts get into a State of California Domestic Abuse Protection Program even after I was in jail even though he was never in any danger from me. In fact, Roberts was arrested for domestic abuse in 2000 for assaulting me. As part of his “community service”, he told me that he did illegal hacking for the Sac County Sheriff’s Office. I reported this to the FBI seven months before the attack was perpetrated on my kids and me. I still have the postage receipt for the information I sent to the FBI. I believe that my husband at the time, Michael Roberts, used Dustin Wehde and Jeremy Collins to try to kill me that night to keep me quiet and collect on the insurance and our marital assets.

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