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Hi, I'm Paul. I was born Paul Rose but later changed my name to Paul Stevens, which was my grandparents surname. My reason ?, I haven't seen or heard of my father since 1974. But now I am trying to find him. His name is Alan G Rose and the information that I have on him so far is that he was born in March 1946 in Greenwich Hospital, UK. He married my mother Jeanette in Sidcup in 1971 and I popped along in 1972. I have recently been in contact with one of his sisters Marion (The other sadly passed away) and have been told that her last contact with him was 1985 and that I have four siblings from my fathers other relationship. I am now on a journey to find them and him. However, I am trying to spread this information out there as much as possible as I have no names of my siblings or their birth dates, or mothers name. I also have hit a stumbling block with my father as I do not know his exact date of birth. He was from South East London and the last know address for him was Wellington Gardens in Charlton.

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