Ashley LAUREN Haskins Maiden Name: Haskins Nickname: Skins

Ashley Haskins
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About Me

Lets Just say I have a unique personality, take it as you will. I've learned the difference between bad people and good people who've done bad things. I've always been the ''Funny Girl'' with a quick witted since of humor and permanet case of the Fuck Its. My blunt personality is often mistaken with brutally honest. I'm no prom queen, Im not the starter of the hip scene Nor am I the one falling in between. Im a thinker, a dreamer yet A realist I've seen and done things no one should. I live with no regrets I believe in God but I live a life without religion. I've lied, cheated and stole. I've sinned all 7 sins And broken a majority of the 10 commandments Not a rebel, simply human I haven't however killed Yet I've witnessed murder Its part of the circle of life. I've failed to commit adultery for the simple fact im not married. Im the one screaming "i object!" frankly because I think both bride and groom are idiots in the first place. However, if a man were to manage to overlook my many many flaws and willingly give up his freedom as a man, and ask for my hand in marriage. Id dig it. Im a lover who despises love. I trust no one and don't expect to be trusted. Im a highly intelligent dumbass who never uses common sense. Im thickheaded yet I eaisly cave if it makes someone special smile. I LOVE to write Only because im bad with words My highschool sweetheart dumped me. I fall for heart breakers and break hearts of those who love me. I choose drugs more often than sobriety But im no bill board boy I don't rampage for my highs And I believe some of the most amazing people do drugs. I live balanced Whether between good and bad, or right and wrong. I don't give two shits about what you think, however I respect your opinion Im clumbsy when i try being girly. Im now and always have been One of the guys. Females annoy the shit outta me, Leading me to my next habit I like fighting :) I like taking walks after midnight, shoplifting at walmart at 3 in the morning(cause im usually broke as shit) Im insecure what some people think about me. But I won't do shit to change it. I worry more long term than about tomorrow. I hate being late but never on time. I over think I over analysis Yet im impulsive. Im the angel on your right But your bad influence. Im always in trouble but I don't get caught. I believe laws are made to be broken, but you need to keep your shit in line. I believe drugs are ment to be shared and you should always break out with who's dealing. Give detail but don't ask don't tell. I love meeting new people but dislike new friends. Im a crowd pleaser, a mind teaser Your best friend And your worse enemie. I think your ignorant if you'd like to meet me. But thankful for those who have. In a nutshell, Im an unique, one of a kind original Who's just like everyone else

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