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Hi ! This is Ramesh Shankerlal from Ransae Exim-India. We at RANSAE EXIM run a worldwide operating, well established network of independent partners and Free Lancers, Businessmen, Traders, Exporters and Importers, in commodity business. We deal in Metal scrap (HMS1&2 and USED RAILS, copper cathode, aluminum etc), Iron ore, Bauxite, Bentonite, urea, sugar, Cement, Rice and cereals, Cashew kernels and nuts, Guar Gum, Shell Charcoal Briquettes for Barbeque and for Sheesha, Bio fuel, made of Agricultural Wastes, to replace coal and other costly fuels, etc. We also import for our clients, electrical accessories, household appliances, bulbs, batteries, torchlight etc. We deal in export of handicrafts, metal or wooden and , we are also in the field of manufacturing garments in bulk based on client specifications. There are around us about 2500 network participants in more than 50 countries on all continents. Our partners are intermediataries, facilitators, seller-mandates, buyer-mandates as well as direct sellers and direct buyers. By this network, we have a strong presence in the markets and can work on inquiries very effectively. We take the initial steps before a deal is to commence, as follows Verification of buyers Verification of sellers Verification of sales and buy offers Negotiations for buyers or sellers Escorting of business from first contact to contract Verification of sales and buy offers Satisfying buyers and sellers Fair business, reliability, competence Research and exploring of new markets Expanding of the network Trustful partners Reliability Competence Strong relations Good availability and performance Real and fair prices and commissions If you are buyer or seller in commodity business or intermediary, you are welcome to cooperate with us and we look forward to get in touch with you. All contact details regarding our Contact can be found at the bottom of the message If you are the seller or the Buyer, or their mandates, Please send in all your queries at ransae2000@yahoo.com For getting the soft offer, as well as getting the LOI with the soft probe please get the following details, which are common for both the Buyer, and the Seller. Commodity/Product Name Specification Packing Incoterms Destination Port / Country Origin/Load port Quantity required or offered Quantity per Month Contract Duration Delivery Time/Schedule Target Price (realistic) Terms of Payment Remarks if any Other Information only for mandates and intermediataries How many intermediaries Request Commissions We are also having in our network, local suppliers as well as buyers, and we can also arrange CNF business for you for agricultutal products and by-products in terms of buyers as well as sellers, to buy or sell the products from/to you. Thanks and regards Ramesh Shankerlal RANSAE EXIM Jodhpur-342 001, RAJASTHAN- INDIA. PH/FAX : + 91-291-2517935 Mobile : +91-9413063021 Yahoo : ransae2000@yahoo.com Msn : ransae2000@hotmail.com Aol : ransae@aol.in Gmail : ransae@gmail.com Skype : ransae

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