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Writing, software development, art, movies and documentaries, interesting people.

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Thank you for the opportunity to talk to you about my writing interests. I began writing at the age of 15, with a fishing diary, which developed into a page-a-day effort that I've maintained to this day (1979 - 2013). So far, on this long, arduous journey, I've written 1 non fiction title, GREENOCK REVISITED (ebook, available for download from: or the Paperback version from Amazon). I've also written 2 novels: VALENTINO'S REDRESS, and THE TREASURES OF DRUMORY - the latter work, a trilogy saga, took over 25 years to complete (conventional life kept getting in the way...). 'Is it any good though?' I hear you say. 'Yeh, you better believe it is!' says I. 'One of the best adventure stories - particularly for youngsters, ever written.' 'Yeh right,' says you. 'How come I've never heard of it then?' If and when I can pay for a proper PR campaign like traditional publishers would for their stable of writers, then things should finally start to happen for me. Why else would I self-publish if not to earn 70% royalties as apposed to 10? Listen, everyone is entitled to their opinion, all I ask is that you read the saga first, then judge me. I also have 1 unfinished novel: THE FIDELITY SAGA, which was first begun around 1996. During my research for this work, I realised I had enough material to write a non fiction title, which became the above mentioned, GREENOCK REVISITED. However, I took the decision to suspend work on FIDELITY in 2006, in order to complete DRUMORY. The reason I did this, was because I wanted my children to read the complete saga whilst they were still children. That turned out to the be the best decision I ever made. Recently, I launched a dedicated website for both THE TREASURES OF DRUMORY and VALENTINO'S REDRESS ( & respectively). Each site includes a section with sample chapters for you to read prior to purchase. I'm particulary proud of the DRUMORY site since it includes development slides of my MAP and FRONT COVER DESIGNS. These 2 novels are now available in ebook and Paperback formats from Amazon. Personally, I think I'll be remembered for The Treasures of Drumory. However, I appreciate many readers will prefer Valentino's Redress, simply because they prefer romantic comedy to fantasy adventure. I'm okay with that, since it's all money in the same bank account... Away from writing, I'm also in the process of finishing a unique online subscription service, which should go live around September 2013. So watch this space. If successful, all accrued revenues will fund that publicity campaign for Drumory that I mentioned earlier. All I need is a bit of luck. Everyone needs luck, no matter how good they think their work is. Every project I undertake is worthwhile and rich in quality, hence the amount of time I invest in them. Witness my painting efforts on the Valentino's Redress website. Only 4 in over 25 years. What can I say? They wouldn't be rushed either and I actually hate painting. That's the reason all my efforts are black and white, I wouldn't invest the time studying colour. But isn't it amazing how I kept improving with all those years of non activity in the Art? In any other field, the equivalent of such endeavours might have proved impossible. It's true what they say, there's no suppressing talent. Enough said. The End.

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