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Captain Pawanexh Kohli is an infrastructure and logistics specialist (cold-chain), earlier having been a merchant mariner for 26 years. Capt. Pawanexh KohliAmongst others, he was the Master and captain of one of the world's largest refrigerated cross-ocean carriers (reefer ships), including what was the world's largest specialised refrigerated container ship. He started in this profession as a cadet in 1981 and commandeered large ships for the final 14+ years. Besides refrigerated transportation, he has also directed or operated car carriers, oil tankers, container ships, ice-class general cargo carriers, timber carriers and others. His travels in over two decades have taken him to every continent, across every ocean and sea and exposed him extensively to Mother Nature’s glorious beauty and also her unforgiving wrath. Since 2007, he hung up his sea-boots but it is no surprise, he always tends to revert to memories and the powerful experiences of his global travels across oceans & continents. Since then he has headed corporate business lines involving innovation and low carbon footprint utilities, primarily focused on cold-chain (storage and transportation). He has also been internal consultant to new projects to the company, ranging on other diverse topics like water treatment, alternate power generation and it's sustainable application in the rural context. He has since driven an innovative project which brought technology to the common street vender - vegetable street hawker, bringing cold chain and thermal storage cells to this last segment of the fresh produce value chain. This project closed the cold chain loop by bringing technology to the first mile farmer and the last mile vendor. He also directed a large team for developing agribusiness infrastructure and was the innovation head for new technology initiatives. A strong passion and affinity for nature (probably a natural result of more than a score years as a mariner), he avidly seeks green and clean technologies to apply in the conventional arena. A great trouble shooter and innovator, he is typically acclaimed for blue-sky thinking and out of the box analysis. Capt. Kohli next founded CrossTree techno-visors, and is now a business advisor to projects and companies involving cold-chain infrastructure, logistics, perishables handling and shipping. His primary focus lies in optimal use of equipment and resources to bring down operating energy costs and in reducing the carbon footprint of facilities and services and in extending the Shelf life of products. He also is an avid propounder of Cold Ironing of merchant ships to reduce debilitating air emissions whilst they are tied alongside in ports. Among others, the Asian Development Bank also sourced his services as a specialist advisor for designing the cold chain for one of their investment programmes for the Govt. of India. He is also associated with non-profit organisations involved in rationalising the agri-supply chain in India, Urban Poverty Alleviation through sustainable programs, assisting and guiding school children with Dyslexia. He is also on the academic advisory board of a logistics and aviation management educational institute. Besides his advisory roles, Capt. Kohli is also driving the cold chain solutions arm for one of the largest logistics companies in India.

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