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Aaron Patterson
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About Me

Aaron Patterson is a freelance photographer based in Redding, California. His absurdly varied photographic interests include dog photography (an excuse to play fetch and work at the same time), food photography (an excuse to eat and work at the same time), and landscape photography (an excuse to hike and work…you get it). When he was eleven, he received his first disposable camera from his mother. Ten years of disposables and point and shoots later, he decided to get serious about playing around with photos and bought a Nikon. After tens of thousands of hours with camera and photoshop, he crafted the images that you see today. His passion for digital art and photography have created a unique style and led to him being in a number of publications in the past few years. Aaron believes there’s beauty hidden in everything, and he will lean out of moving vehicles and over cliff edges, climb, swim, or leap through the air while body-checking an overly playful Old English Sheepdog to capture that beauty with his camera. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to E-mail us at: AaronPattersonPhoto@gmail.com

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