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ecology social justice peace permaculture agroecology sustainable food systems community supported agriculture food forestry small-scale grain raising climate-ready farming (NOT Monsanto's version)

About Me

We run a small (1-acre) natural farm on the outskirts of the city of Chiang Mai, in northern Thailand. Fair Earth Farm is an experiment in food sovereignty at the family and community level, informed by values of ecology, justice and peace. (These are, of course, the antithesis of our current industrial food system, thus the need for farms like ours.) The farm attempts to follow permaculture principles, including high biodiversity and low inputs, largely informed by indigenous people in Thailand and the Mekong Region. The farm is an experiment in small-scale grain raising (rice, maize, sorghum) and food forestry (fruit, nuts, palms, herbs), including livestock (ducks, chickens, geese). Three years in operation, we are so-far self sufficient in rice, eggs, herbs, and many kinds of fruit, with food-producing perennials beginning to bear fruit with each new season. We are currently doing research into setting up northern Thailand's first community supported agriculture (CSA) scheme. We collaborate with small farmers and NGO's throughout northern Thailand, as well as our local school, health station and farmers.

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