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Claudia Cervenka
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    October 27th, 2010
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    Slovak Republic
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    United States of America

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    The Cerve-Leone Group
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Computer Engineering, Forensic Investigator, Technology Sector, IT Specialist, Designer, Engineer,

About Me

Currently CEO and Lead IT Specialist at a leading technology firm in Northern California. _________________________________ After coming on board in late 2010 as an IT Specialist Miss Cervenka was promoted into Forensics Investigations in March of 2011 as a lead investigator. In 2012 she developed a system of information exchange that catapulted investigation services in to the next century along with securing contract work with the federal government. With exceptional leadership, development and organizational skills Miss Cervenka was then appointed as CEO and has continued to oversee all operations to date.

Life Philosophy

"A diamond was never polished without friction."

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