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photography, conservation, environment, wildlife, art

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It started when I was knee-high to a grasshopper, bouncing across heather-clad mountains that reached up to a blanket of cloud in the northwest of Scotland. Every time I visit a new place I feel that same tinge of excitement at the knowledge that a new world of opportunity has just opened up. I have spent the past decade or so working to protect the fragile ecosystems and species that pump life into our world – currently I am with Conservation International working to save our most vulnerable of friends, the amphibians. Once I started to recognize the power of images in moving people I became slightly addicted to photography: it is an immensely powerful tool. I do not believe people are driven to action by guilt or negative sentiments: they are driven to act through inspiration. We protect what we love, and we love what we know. Through my Affiliation with the International League of Conservation Photographers I have found a vehicle for using my images to promote conservation.

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