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art fantastic, magic realism, surrealism, symbolic art, modern Polish art, oil painting, graphic art, illustration, poster.

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Anna Karolak – is a representative of the fantasy realists in the modern Polish art. Her work includes works in the field of oil and tempera painting and graphic art both traditional and digital. Anna Karolak refers most often to her work as magical realism, which is fantasy as being understood in a particular way. Her works are on one side a conglomeration of her interest in the world of mysticism, and on the other a result of her scientific knowledge in the field of astronomy and cosmology. It is also inspired by the art of classical music and e-music (electronic music). The artist's paintings are characterized by an excellent workshop, with its main advantage being an unusual illusory attention to detail. Her completed visions are always characterized by a mutli-interpretation. Her works are present in the collections of Polish and foreign art and have been displayed at exhibitions in Poland, France and Italy. She repeatedly appeared in television programs devoted to art - including TV Polsat, TV Centre, TV This website: - was awarded in 2008 by the weekly magazine “Wprost”. The artist is educated classically: she studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Faculty of Graphic Arts. She defended her diploma in 2000 at the Laboratory of Book Illustrations supervised by prof. J. Stanny. In addition, she finished studies in the technology of easel painting in the Studio of Painting Technologies and Techniques at the Academy of Art and Design and in the Studio of Easel Painting Technology and Gilding at Prof J. Nowosielski and Prof. A. Krupskaya at the Department of Conservation and Restoration of Works of Art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. The scope of artistic activities: 1. Oil painting 2. painting in the techniques of medieval painting: egg and gum tempera; a bas relief and surfaces infused with flakes of 24k gold can be imbedded in the structure of such images 3. Digital art and graphic art workshop 4. Illustration, posters, web design 5. what is more: HTML & CSS & Dreamweaver + SEO (Website Optimization) On the paintings: My oil paintings are created in unique technologies and are perfected by me for many months. I use the noblest varnishes and painting media, and mix them myself according to the recipes dating back centuries. I use sun-thickened oils, including nut oil (almost colorless), and hand-rubbed varnishes. My oil paints are based on the media, in which oil is only one of the components, all to maximally “slim down” the paint to maintain the freshness of tone, not yellowing under the influence of the oil. Similarly, support for my paintings is created according to the old recipes. High-quality primer for oil paintings are possible to prepare only by hand and are based only on high-quality skin glue, plaster/chalk and oil. Such primers improve the visual qualities of the painting, while also providing adequate adhesion of color layers, hence the durability of the work. Ready supports offered in trade are the product of mediocre quality - eg. in order to make the canvas more flexible glycerol is added into the primer what, over the years, causes the degradation of the image (yellowing, blackening of paint). When using industry formulated primers it is not possible to verify the quality/type of the ingredients used, and what is extremely important - there is no way of checking the temperature to which the primer and oil were heated in the production process – it is an essential information for later adhesion and durability of the paint layers. I paint in continuous sittings in the alla prima technique. I impose alternately two layers of paint operating in the sfumato technique: opaque and glaze. The work is crowned with an always accurately applied by brush varnish, no aerosols. It is a correspondent, skin (not oil) varnish, which protects the paint and gives it the final touch - boosts the depth of the color. A creation of an image is the creation of life. The work matures in the progress – in the theme as well as physically. It's a long process, extending over time, it is the transition from nothingness into existence. Also create my work in the medieval egg tempera technique. I base my knowledge on the fifteenth-century egg tempera painting technology. I paint in the art of yolk and gum tempera (gum Arabic). The yolk tempera (where color pigment is mixed with egg yolk) is the most durable painting technique in history. The painting process begins with preparing and applying onto the wooden board multi-layers of specialist painting primers - the tempera technique is used exclusively on hard support like wood. I enrich my tempera paintings with ornament, the ornament is engraved in the ground before starting the painting process. The ornament is carefully chiseled using needle files and styluses and then polished up. The ornament and/or smooth, free of paint surfaces of the work may be coated with a layer of gold flakes. My technique of laying gold is based on the medieval recipes of the art of gilding. In the context of interpretation and development, the artist's work presents the link between the past and the future. The painting techniques from past centuries, are enriched by the artist's own technological inventions, have been harnessed to participate in the creation of a unique vision. Those pieces are timeless in the deepest dimension of the word. The artist can easily glide between the world of spirit - and that of matter, giving her “scientifically” based works a quaint metaphysical nature. These works, in the many dimensions of meanings and interpretations, are on the one hand derived from tradition of symbols, religion, archetypes, and on the other are based firmly on science, including the already mentioned astronomy. The artist is passionate about such issues as the scope of cosmic evolution, the problem of Time, or the quantum theory. The scientific references are however reflected in the works very subtly. It's an art of symbol and metaphor. It is characterized by the dynamic evolution of the artist's style, and these changes can be seen in the recent work of Anna Karolak's digital art. The colors of her work are deepening, and the themes are the visualization of her “scopes of metaphysical experience”. This art though “cosmic” is becoming more “spiritual”. Anna Karolak emphasizes that her works are in an important aspect “musical”. Thus underlining the significant impact of music the artist listens to while working on the process of creation, including works by Klaus Schulze, Lisa Gerrard, J.M. Jarre, Constance Demby or Software. These are the creators of music “from other dimensions”, the closest to our artist's artistic sensibility. Anna Karolak's work, this conglomeration of inspiration and meanings, escapes simple classification. Symbolism, fantastic realism or magic realism are fields to which in some respects, this work belongs. The artist avoids decisive classification. Defines her work as belonging directly to other dimensions, is defined as the result of careful thought and quiet contemplation. It is art not touched by time but held over it, like a sensitive instrument used for recording the echoes of ancient truths manifested by the subconscious, is the art of wandering through the meanders of the soul and the cosmos. Curious details: - My unusual rendition - a single toy art entitled “The Doll and her Home” won the 1995 prize in a nationwide competition on designing toys for children. The contest was organized by the Institute of Industrial Design in Warsaw under the auspices of the Ministry of Education.

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