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Hi, I was born in Hackney London. I lived in Blackstone Road, and went first to Gayhurst primary school, then Wilton Way. I formed a rock band in 1958 called Regge Khan and the Checkers,with the Late great bass player Alan Spenner who went on to great things. He joined George Fame then Joe Cockers Grease Band, and finally Roxy Music. Sadly he passed away in 1991 and is greatly missed by all who knew him. Other members of the 1958 band were Ray Kelner rhythm guitar, Brian Spring drummer and Regge Khan, singer. I would very much like to contact anyone who might know the above, or of their whereabouts. Also anyone who might know me from the schools I went to between 1950-1959. I lived in Hackney untill I was 21. Then moved to Chelmsford. Also I'm trying to locate a young lady whom I met in 1957 at Hargingay ice rink. Her maiden name was Yvonne Dulie. We spent many happy hours skating to our favorite record. Young Love- by Tab Hunter. I guess you could say Yvonne was my first love, even though I was only 12 at the time. Yvonne had a friend who lived in Malven Road which was off Middleton road London fields E8. Yvonne stayed there weekends. Then one day out of the blue, her friend called, saying that Yvonne wished to see me. I met Yvonne outside the post office on the corner of Blanchard road. Yvonne told me that she was moving to Hornchurch, Essex. I was heartbroken, so much so that I didn't ask if we could keep in touch. Yvonne said goodbye, then lent forward and kissed me. It was the first time a girl had kissed me with feeling. I have never forgoten Yvonne. When I got my first motorcycle at the age of seventeen, I went to Hornchuch to look for her. But had no luck. I would be really greatful if anyone out there knows Yvonne or her whereabouts. I woud love to contact her again. Gary. Will the person in Benfleet who left an ip address please email me.

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