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I am an Indian author and seeker. I have been searching truth since 1989. Since childhood I was addicted to films. When I was 12 years old, due to my nature and influence of films, I decided to become film actor in Bombay Film industry. But, when I was just nineteen (19) years old, deep reflection became part of my life.This incident was like a big-bang for my thought-world. It was the influence of the Divinely inspired Teaching that lured me to change my track from acting to comprehensive study of life. In the initial phase of this journey I remained swinging between agnosticism and atheism. Influenced by divinely inspired teaching I would debate with common people around me. This unwise attitude put my life in danger. But God saved me by softening hearts and minds of the people around me. Till 1994 my thoughts and behaviour remained same. But, With the blessings of God, I gained understanding in 1994 and changed my unwise behaviour. On 01-05-1994 I took U-turn and kept myself busy in the mission of discovering truth. The fire of desire to understand life comprehensively made me more introvert and less social, and my existence mostly remained tense and sometimes depressed also. But, during the same period of battling with my own self to grow morally, intellectually and spiritually, I felt intensely the plight of humanity and felt highly charged to communicate my understanding with humanity. This fire to serve humanity shepherded me towards path of studying and writing secretly. Influenced by serious study, I left my childhood dream of becoming film actor. I devoted most of my time in studying and writing my dairy and poetry. But, seeing violence and plight of humanity, I got inspiration in 1993 to write my first book, which is yet to be published. My book ‘THE LASTING SOLUTION OF THE KASHMIR PROBLEM’ is my second book, which I published first.

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