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Visionary Wellness Helping others Healing Consultancy

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In 2011 I founded my company, Visionary Wellness , and in spring 2012 I opened, Visionary Wellness Center, in Copenhagen, Denmark. Visionary Wellness consists of 12 employees, where most of them are consultants, who offer different treats to clients and business. At visionary Wellness we let our clients find out what they want by using our webpage as a source of information, where booking also takes place. The treatments take place at our center or at the headquarters of the companies we work for. The words and meaning behind the name Visionary Wellness is found in the aspect of how we as experts can look into, Visionary, and work with many different aspects of a being and life. We offer this as a holistic approach, Wellness, by means of a wide array of possible combinations of consultancy and treatments. Treatments consists of therapy, massage, coaching, healing, clairvoyance, hand reading and consultancy. The clients find, together with a consultant, the right course, consultants and number of treatments that fit them, which of course depends on the needs of the client. We help clients who have problems in regards to the physical body, mental imbalances, need of clarity in ones life, lifestyle coaching,healing of different issues, past life traumas, hypersensitivity and more. If you are interested in hearing more about Visionary Wellness, please visit our website, or contact us via email,

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