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Music, Comedy, Deep Philosophy, Songs, Parodies, Karaoke, Creating Entertainment, Performing, Helping People, Solving Problems, Nature, Adventure, Fun, Excitement, Intelligence, Humor, Jokes, Wisdom, Enlightenment, Insights, Sarcasm, Being Unique, Spontaneous, Cool, Polite, Considerate, Adaptable, Friendly, Capable, & Innovative,

About Me

I was born in L.A., & lived in many cities in the area. My family was Jewish, & I was forced to go to Temple until my Bar Mitzva, but I hated it. I studied other Religions in school, & preferred the Eastern Philosophies, but durning my Quest For Truth, the evidence led back to the Jews & the Bibles. I had a tragic affair in High School, & it inspired a lot of my songs. I did front act & vocals in a noisy garage band for over 20 years. I performed 5-hour costumed comedy gigs at star-studded, after hours, underground night clubs. I married a beautiful young woman from Tehran, & she divorced me, but we stayed together for almost 20 years after. I took care of my Mother until she passed away, & now I'm just on my own.

Life Philosophy

I've discovered evidence that the "God" of the Bible has pretty much total control over just about everything, but not in the way that religionists believe. Even if you don't believe in Him, or practice another religion. Review my personal Google website, Ultimate Truth Revealed, to examine some of it. ( Under my e-mail address, above. )

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