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About Me

Dr Valentin Pashtenko is an independently-wealthy multi-millionaire (Forbes 2008 - 2012). His current title is CEO (Retired), Passive Incomes and Trusts for the private trusts which he founded, developed and funded. He is a majority owner of 11 private corporations. Retired since 2009, his military and academic work has placed him in several hotspots over the years. These include: the United States Submarine Service (1983-1987), teaching/research in Russia (1998-2001), teaching strategy in NC - including at the JFK Special Forces Building in Ft. Bragg (2001-2004) with a tactical focus on the Middle East and Asia, becoming a Founding Member (2003) of AGBA: The Academy for Global Business Advancement, positions as Assistant (1999) and Associate Professor (2003 -) on three continents. His most recent conference presentations/proceedings were in Islamabad, Pakistan (2010), in Sintok, Malaysia (2009) where Dr Pashtenko was interviewed by the Malaysian news media and was the subject of multiple news articles, in Karachi, Pakistan (2009) and in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (2008) where he was honored to be hosted by local cinema and political dignitaries. He has traveled to all 50 states, to 38 countries, and has published works on 5 continents. His first doctoral paper was accepted by the Academy of International Business in Vienna, Austria within a week of his entry into URI's doctoral program. His last paper won an Emerald Insight Honor for being among the most significant papers in business. His last teaching position was teaching graduate business in FL. Recently, Dr Pashtenko narrowly missed death in 2010 when he decided not to board a flight from Manchester, UK to Islamabad via Karachi for a conference. Having a "bad feeling," he left the gate in mid-boarding. All 152 people at that gate later died when the plane slammed into a mountain south of Abbatobad, Pakistan. To date, his favorite memories are attending Harvard Graduate School during summer while in high school (1978), his trips to India and the Taj Mahal, visiting the Great Wall, touching the Pyramids in Giza, praying in Jerusalem, living in Russia (1999 and 2000) and the Middle East (2004-2005), visiting the city named for his family (Pashchenivka) in Ukraine (2006), and most of all, those moments with his wife, Cynthia, and sons, Peter, Phillip and Andrew. All three sons are Taekwondo Junior Olympians. Peter (age 10), the oldest, is a member of Mensa (the high IQ society) and attends the top-ranked college preparatory school in the nation. Dr Pashtenko has agreed to be a visiting dignitary and honored speaker in Bangkok, Thailand in July, 2013 and, most recently, to teach a semester in China while on an extended vacation there in 2014.

Life Philosophy

"A few million in real estate investments, a few million in commodities, several multi-figure income streams all yielding over 30% and, next thing you know, you're laughing all the way to guess where?" - Valentin Pashtenko

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