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About Me

This page was created to track who is Googling me and why.

If this profile offends you, then most likely you and I are will not be good friends.

I refuse to sit idly by and let my name and reputation be associated with scum, scammers and incorrect information.

If you are a potential employer who is trying to find out about me BEFORE we have had a face to face meeting:

You should know that two decades ago my identity was stolen and some false information appears on the web. I have fought this every year since it happened

I spend a great deal of time making sure that my name, image and personal information are kept off the web.

I belong to NO social networking sites and my personal phone number is private and never revealed. I use a free alternate phone number for everything until you and I have an actual in person relationship.

If you are hunting information about candidates before interviewing them, you should be aware that every "information" provider disclaims all responsibility for the data they present. This includes Intelius, People Search, Search USA and all credit agencies.

Basically job candidates are at the mercy of incomplete records, inaccurate records and the whims and capabilities of the search provider.

It costs thousands of dollars and hundreds of man hours to just keep track of ones online reputation. I know, I spend both every year.

If you are that employer, please consider that viable candidates who have reasonably common names, like mine, may have been rejected because of your screening before you contact practices. This does not mean you are intentionally sloppy, it means that when a name like mine pops up on mugshots.com and you assume that is me, you are WRONG!

note: the guy on mugshots is about my age but is in no way related to me and is from a state I never lived in. But if your recruiter, agent, or automated service pops up a listing like mugshots.com the odds are you will stop considering my name without further research.

If you have read this far, and are not completely insulted, then contact me directly at the email address on my resume.

Thank You Michael

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