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About Me

Meijin-Dean Steffen Pohle Taikunedo-IMAFF® Fed.Foundation

Meijin-Dean Steffen Pohle (* 15. August 1960 in Bad Dürrenberg) is a German economist and martial artist.


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Pohle put 1980 in City of Schwedt - Germany (Oder) his professional education and became in October 1980 in NVA Army at the bottom official sergant scool in Eggesin and in MTS in Prora used, where hi was as a staff sergant and reserve officer (ROA) released in 1984. He was released from the reservists service in the NVA as an warrent officer of the reserve in 1989. In East Germany (GDR), he studied at the Scool of Engeneering for Building Materials (THA) and graduated with the theme to the process of reorganisation and productivization in the industry in the GDR at the end of the seventies in terms of patent and innovation movement as a means of economic optimization SOEs.

Since 1969, Pohle trained as a student and instructor of the DJV JUDO und JIU JITSU in Schwedt, Schwerin, Neubrandenburg and Leipzig. Responsible for GDR-Performence Sports decision Manfred Ewald called him from 1980 to 1989 the Sectionheader JUDO for the ASG Eggesin und Dynamo Leipzig Country, and BSG Leipzig Northeast. From 1985, modified Pohle, together with his Uncle Shihan Helmut Pohle and Renshi Klaus G. Kruse parts of the military secret combat for the special forces of the group of Soviet Forces in Germany (GSSD) and Shihan Prof.Dr.Dr. Helmut Pohle published this fighting style from 1991 as „Taikunedo®“ and let this term in 1992 as Registered international Trademark. In 1993, gives Helmut Pohle the Presidency of the international Martial Arts Association to his nephew Steffen Pohle from.

After 1989, Pohle studied and practicated in Asia after a visiting teaching of Economics and Chinese Studies, including at the former Koryo Songgyungwan University and the Renmin-University of (KSU & CRU). Pohle receives 1994 Honorary Professor of KSU & CRU and 2005 as privat lecturer of VHS. Grandmaster Pohle returned to Germany and studied from 1994 to 1997 at the Academy Gabler Wiesbaden finance.

Pohle was in 1995 by the IMAFF™ with the International Budo Honorary title awarded "Renshi" and 2015 "Meijin". He holds a 2nd DAN JUDO, the 4nd DAN HAPKIDO, the 6nd DAN TAIKUNEDO and the 7nd DAN Hankido, confirmed by the international umbrella organisations DJV, IMAFF, IMAC, MAA-I and WISDA & UWAMA.

As of 2002, Pohle as a Pensioner, for a no fault car accident at the VHS, KSU & CRU and for IMAFF as a scientific advisor and lecturer internationaly until his serious illness in 2012 an advisory capacity. He authored several scintific publications, incluing About Certified training doctrine of 2nd DAN to 6nd DAN of BUDO-Sport from MASTER to GRANDMASTER - official Textbook of the University TIMAUC™-IMAFF® 3rd edition 2013 design.

Pohle is an internationaly honored president and senior-DAN-Examiner also Dean of the IMAFF™ and the TIMAUC™University and since 2015 Grandmaster and int. Master-Budoteacher of MAA-I and IMAC. Because of his many scientific publications and research, Grandmaster was Prof. em. Dipl. Oec. Pohle awarded in 2016 7nd DAN Kindi Ryu Hankido Style. Dean Pohle supported since 2015 worldwide charities for sprt training of children and was in 2015 awarded with the medal Mandela in South Africa. 2016 his non-profit support for the child and juniorsport in Brandenburg was awarded by the BB-Radio. Dean Pohle wrote several scientificssportbooks for Junior Martial Arts in non-profit organisations. His daughter, Sensei Josephine Pöge-Pohle and even Black Belt Board Member supported Dean GM Pohle in his non-profit work.

Grandmaster Pohle works since 2003 exclusively as a scientific advisor for the Budo, because of his disease. Since 2017 is GM Pohle worldexaminer MAA-I & IMAFF for blackbelt & grandmaster degrees. In march 2017 Meijin Pohle received the doctorate from Crown Prince Dr. Niranjan C. Bhat from india for his outstanding achievements in international technical budo certification and he gave Meijin Pohle the 8th DAN honorable. In May 2017, meijin pohle was elected unanimously as the consultative publishing house of the international imaff-taikunedo-amsterdam publishing house.

Vocational training from Beginner to Master des Taikunedo® – Official Textbook of the Taikunedo®University Europe. 2. Auflage. 2009. with Prof. Dr. GM Alberto Marchese and Dorling Kindersley: The Way of the Warrior.Auflage: (Taikunedo®) (1. November 2010) ISBN-13: 978-1405359351 // ISBN-10: 1405359358Certificated training doctrine of 4nd DAN to the 6nd DAN for Budo-Sportes, form Master to Grandmaster – Official doctrine for Taikunedo®University TIMAUC™. 3. Auflage. 2012.

Reiner Breuer et al.: For Process of the Reorganisation and Produktivity in the Industry by GDR at last of the seventys.. In: Yearbook of Businesshistory 1989/2, Akademy-Publishing, Berlin 1989 Karl Kaiser et al.: Germany Archive., Title 3, Kiepenhauser & Witsch, 1989 Günther Buch: Names and Facts of VIPs in the GDR. Publishing J.H.W.Dietz Nachf.GmbH, Berlin,Bonn 1989, ISBN 3-8012-0034-5 Bestedition Werner Lind: Lexikon of Martial Arts Sportpublishing, Berlin, 1999, ISBN 3-328-00838-1. Publishing: Dorling Kindersley; Print:(Taikunedo®) (1. November 2010): The Way of the Warrior , ISBN 978-1405359351 Literature from and over Meijin-Dean Steffen Pohle (https://portal.dnb.de /opac.htm?method=simpleSearch&query=107250071) in Libery of National Germany Libery Page to the international TAKD-Association to Meijin-Dean Steffen Pohle (http://www.taikunedo.eu /takdwikieng.html) International Sportlibery for Meijin-Dean Steffen Pohle (http://taikunedo.wordpress.com/) Personalfacts (People): GND: 170804577 | VIAF: 255335036 | Von „http://de.Taikunedo-IMAFF® Fed.Foundation Inc..org/w/index.php?title=Meijin-Dean Steffen_Pohle&oldid=124508416“ Category: Economist (20. Jahrhundert) Honorary Professor (Koryo Songgyungwan University) TAIKUNEDO® is a registered trademark of Taikunedo-IMAFF® Fed.Foundation Inc.

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