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Dj Ron G,Hip hop, Indie music, Def Jam, Bad boy, Jive records, Zulu Nation

About Me

Currently Chris is The manager for the mix tape king Ron G and the publisher of Hammer Magazine. Chris Hudworks has Been in the music industry for over 25 years. He started out as a rapper at the age of 14.He has worked with National Recording Artist and Apollo Theater Legend Omar Chandler, LI Da Beat Man, Dj Demo, Mad Money Murf,Dennis Hopkins and Burnice Mills at Hops House of Hits in New Haven, CT, Dj Bink B, Luch Da Don and has been a major influence to many Indie Music Artist. He also engineered all of the huge success of social media opps for The HBV Hip Hop Awards. It was Chris Hudworks who created the huge buzz heard around the world for indie music by creating a networking system around the awards that gain a lot of attention. The Legendary Dj Ron G: “Ron G is definitely more than just a DJ, he’s also a producer, remixer and percussionist.” Ron G has always been the type to move silently, and silence is golden. Not many mixtape DJs can credit themselves with setting a trend that became a permanent facet in Hip Hop & R&B Music. Throughout his nearly two-decade career, Ron’s production and mixtape outlet combined have shed light on the careers of artists like TREY SONGZ, MARY J. BLIGE, B2K, MICHAEL JACKSON, DMX, R.KELLY, FAT JOE, J-LO, LL COOL J, NOTORIOUS B.I.G., BIG L, TUPAC SHAKUR, and DESTINY’S CHILD’S KELLY ROWLAND to name a few of the hundreds. Although not as highly publicized, Ron G’s skill and dedication stand parallel, and often surpass the most highly decorated producers in the game. Those in the know can’t deny that not only is Ron G one of the hottest DJ/Producers in existence, but also an extremely talented musician and CEO. Hammer Magazine: Hammer Magazine originated from a song called " Hammer Girl" written by Luch Da Don. True story, Luch wanted Chris to help with his career and get him into magazines. But many of who Chris reached out about Luch just wanted too much money and were not willing to co operate. So Chris came up with the idea to just do it himself. With no one to instruct him he took time to learn about more technologies, programss ect to help him create a good magazine that he could use. In 2011, Hammer Magazine was born.. So,If you’re looking for a high quality magazine that makes impacts around the globe, you’ve come to the right place. At Hammer-Magazine we’ll give our readers what they want in a magazine. We offer businesses, indie music artist, models and more huge opportunities to use our dynamic community as a way to reach millions of people. You need to gain the attention of the people who you cater to. We are here to help you do just that. Hammer Magazine originated out of a song in 2011 written by Luch Da Don called "Hammer Girl".Luch asked Chris Hudworks to help get him into a magazine. After months of doors being slammed, Chris decided to create his own magazine that he could use to build a new bridge for indie music artist and more to cross over the river of un success. We work night and day to reach millions of people. Thanks to new technology we are able to distribute via Hewlett Packard in PRINT-by order & digital for all tablets,smart phones and pc's We Deliver our magazine to your door or smart device.

Life Philosophy

I believe in work and making it work. When the say we can't, I say "Watch us Rise from Nothen." When we get knocked, We hit Hard & Heavy.

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