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The above pretty much says it all. I have also been an avid world traveler, earned a few degrees earning me the title "Dr. Holtzin," at the field institute, and still enjoy Eastern and Western Philosophy, classical and jazz music (but no longer play in these genres, as a musician), and of course I am absolutely potty about cats. For instance, Millie the Kid, my current and final feline angel by my side.

About Me

Ah, retirement. Yes, but where's the money, honey? Social Security isn't all that it's cracked up to be. Still, in my wake, and as a long term educator working, mainly, for the Grand Canyon Field Institute, an NPS-endorsed educational outreach program, Yavapai and Prescott College(s), Northern Arizona Arizona (Flagstaff), studio and stage musician (guitar), guitar and music theory instructor, pilot, guide, whitewater rafter, Bohemian, writer, GPS and Topographical mapper (Forest Service), and recently back working as a substitute teacher (mainly, high school math and science classeS), and more recently working in aerospace (New Mexico Star Group). . .hell, I'd say it's been quite an adventure, and maybe there's more to come. Just didn't make a bundle of money doing what I did. Then again, who needs it when life can be more interesting given the beat I've walked? Who, indeed!

Life Philosophy

If you're not driving your own life, and deciding on your own destinations, then who the hell is?

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