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When millionaires put their children out medically and there is no follow-up that ought to tell you something. I just lost time in professional Virginia. Sure was a waste of my time giving trust to people like that. Good thing as a disciplined Marine, I never was violent though has to be the kind of stuff that makes America its world enemies as a Virginia export. The difficulty is a socially disinherited, professional class Virginia closes its doors and cares less. I have no family because of this. The check is dated 2006 - my family cut me out Dec 10, 2001. They were stringing me on. I gave a full trust to professional Virginia. If I had never returned to Virginia after graduating from Blue Ridge School in 1972, none of this would have happened. This was after the education was given... almost head start differences. That is you give the environment of education, the person goes back to the environment of where they come from, and it is all over. Home --->

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Karma is a real philosophy.

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