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Britt Brennan
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    December 22nd, 2012
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    Australian Institute Fitness
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human behavior, fitness, wellness, nutrition, massage

About Me

Britt has a passion for finding ways to assist people of all ages to stress less about their body size and focus more on being happy, healthy and balanced. As a result of this unique focus, the weight loss, health and fitness improvement results are much higher than in a regular gym environment.

Life Philosophy

The future of Walkabout Wellness includes a Retreat property in the Swan Valley catering to people who need more extensive intervention to undertake extensive fitness, health and wellness workshops away from their everyday lives. The wellness retreat will include many of the services already offered by Walkabout Wellness, with the added component of being able to live on the premises during the intensive phases of the process. Britt has a vision to assist young people in their journey to adult hood, and plans to start a not for profit youth driven program aimed at lowering the suicide rates in Perth.

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