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    January 8th, 2013
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    Arpege Music


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    Free University of Brussels


music software development, C, C++, music theory

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Arpege Music is an award winning music software company based in Belgium. Products include "Pizzicato" music composition and notation software. Customers are practised musicians or students and are today around 12 500 (supported by dealers). What is unique in the software ? as several on the market have a very good (e-)reputation. I will say intuitivity, something which makes it immediately familiar to you and make you feel, writing notes, that is could be exactly at "that good old times" where you were writing notes with a pencil. Customers often share us with us the joy to express their own musical feelings while using the products features. Nevertheless technology is not at all neglected. To check it yourself, you can read our users guides on our website, but it is generally so true that working in the music software development industry since more than 20 years, I just now decide to share my experience to help other music software developers to include advanced music notation features in their applications. So, a new package for C developers who are also composers is available : "Music Notation Library", which lets them add music notation features to their professional music applications on Windows and Macintosh (soon for iPad). As well as developing innovative music software for end-users, we licensed our music technologies to a wide range of various companies (Continental Structures, Brussels) or public structure (Belgium's French Community), hardware manufacturers (Neumasoft, Rome) and artists (Vangelis Papathanassiou, Athens).

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