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    Fulneck school for boys
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    Jacob Kramer Art College
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    Falmouth School of Art,


Sculpture, sculptor, art, artist, painting, nails, investment, luxury

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Marcus Levine, sculptor in the human physique, introduces an entirely unique approach to sculpture. Unveiled for the first time in London at Gallery 27, Cork Street. At times using over 50,000 nails. This highly skilled and multifaceted artist meticulously translates his ideas onto large white wooden panels. by hammering nails at varying heights and distances, creating the tone and texture. All pieces are done free hand without any tracing on to the board. Abstract in theory, yet figurative in reality, the majority of Levine’s ‘nail sculptures’ are extraordinary representations of the human form. Aware of his unusual choice in material to express the human body, Levine explains that after some time using nails to create other, more abstract sculptures, it struck him “the interplay between the rigid, angular nails and the soft curves of the human torso, would be more striking.” Levine’s ability to capture the curvilinear nature of the human body with such sharp and inflexible objects is intensely represented. He creates figures which are beautifully muscular yet wonderfully delicate, and it is clear that the artist has an innate grasp of the human shape. Light also plays an integral role in Levine’s work, as “from morning sun to evening sun the shadows across the sculptures can appear as light as a pencil sketch or as dark as a charcoal still life. Marcus has appeared on BBC Look North, you can watch this and other videos on his youtube channel levineArt. He has been commissioned to create a external Sculpture for Bradford Museums and Galleries and this will be on view in the grounds of Cartwright Hall. Marcus Levine studied at Jacob Kramer Art College alongside Damien Hirst. Previous alumi include David Hockney and both Hirst and Hockney have been an inspiration to Levine. Since completing his first ‘nail sculpture’ in autumn 2004, Levine believes he has perfected his technique, pushing the boundaries with each new work and creating increasingly dynamic interpretations of an object notoriously difficult to depict.

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