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    January 27th, 2013
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Mayans and witches

About Me

I live in Chico California, on Butte Creek in a trailer. It is real nice there. I hunker down away from the aliens the Mayans and the people who live in the tunnels under the Neighborhood Church. I still think everyone owes me and that I would be rich and famous if The evil ones had not tried to steal my house my bar and my soul. I still think they want to get me and know they can find me even after I die. Hope you know who you are because they do too. I think my neighbor Elizabeth is hot and her boyfriend knows she and I have a steamy secret relationship but he's too stoned to say anything. Thanks to them both for making my life a little more dangerous. Lordie Lordie Lordie...the famous (in Chico) antichrist.

Life Philosophy

They will get me sooner or later, you too, if you aren't already one of them. Beach balls are very nice.Check out my arrest record on this site-right underneath this babble!

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